What Are The Symptoms Of Bacterial Vaginitis
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But little does he identify, concerning this sister's unbearable torture and fireworks at this private part and as if sharing this steamy night with him was not enough he had to humiliate her in front of her other possible catches! The most common vaginal infections are bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, and vaginal yeast infection or candidacies but all can be classified under vaginal bacterial infection.

Another point you may already know is that bacterial vaginal infection can be recurrent. Maybe you have gone thru your first infection and were able to cure it easily but there is still a good chance you could get it again. The statistic says that approximately 75% of the women will get a bacterial vaginal infection in their lifetime. Unfortunately many of them will have symptoms of a recurrent bacterial vaginal infection.

Sometimes it is difficult to establish just what has caused the overgrowth of harmful bacteria but in these circumstances, the normally acidic conditions of the vagina which support the growth of healthy bacteria have become replaced by a more alkaline environment in which harmful bacteria thrives. image

However, treating recurring bacterial vaginitis naturally is possible. Indeed the very nature of this condition makes it far more likely that natural treatments will succeed where conventional medication fails.

This is important because it will make sure you don’t infect your partner but more importantly it will make sure he will not give it back to you.

Some other habits to change would be things like:

• The use of douches • Feminine deodorants • Scented feminine hygiene • Scented pads • Panty liners • Tampons

Signs and symptoms of Bacterial Vaginitis: -

The outward signs of bacterial vaginosis may include a foul or fishy vaginal odor and a clear, milky-white, or gray vaginal discharge. The discharge may be light or heavy. The odor may get worse around the time of menstruation or after unprotected sexual intercourse. When semen (male sperm) mixes with vaginal secretions, the odor becomes stronger. The vagina may also be itchy and/or may burn. Natural Remedies for Bacterial Vaginitis: -

• Always wipe from front to back whenever you visit the toilet or otherwise to avoid the transfer of germs from rectal to genital area. • If you have a bathtub sees to it that it is properly cleansed as it is one of the favorite places for germs to reside. • A good hygiene becomes very important if you want to stay away from bacterial vaginitis. • Wear clean and properly washed underwear because the detergent residue may just cause an itching problem. • Drink at least four ounces of pure cranberry juice everyday to fight this bacterial disease. • If the vagina is swollen you can use plain tea bag soaked in water, cooled in refrigerator to be applied externally to prevent itching. The tannin in tea gives a soothing touch. • You can also use cold compress which alleviates the swelling and itching of the vagina. The cooling factor squeezes the blood vessels and prevents it from swelling and turning red. • Avoid tight clothes and try to wear cotton panties which absorb moisture and provide good air circulation.

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