What Are The Symptoms Of Obesity
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Tell obesity and it's clear. Everybody knows what's going on. But nobody knows what to do. It is enough such that never have not known anything else. I just always had the age of 15, 20 or 50 pounds. Everyone in the family such was and is, thus having nothing to do. In other obesity is no longer loom large when the abdomen under the skin can feel the first lipid molecule...

But not only lay people, even health professionals are eager man completely opposite reaction: "You have a new hip - so do not eat and malignant least 20 pounds, then come! "Your stomach hurts - but do not be surprised if you do not eat anything ..." And both of those patients were not so different again.


Today we know exactly what obesity is, why call it an illness and what the disease is so serious. But unlike many other equally serious diseases has no reliable medical treatment that would not matter wholly to the decision and will of the patient. But those who know and want to know, the medicine effectively.

What is the cause

Obesity is nothing more than the excess amount of body fat. Capacity for fat storage is nearly unlimited, adipose tissue is readily multiplies when the body needs to store more energy. Obesity is not a fatty tumor - the process of storing fat molecules and fat tissue itself is normal and does not differ in lean (each has a certain amount of body fat) and severely obese. Importantly, where the adipose tissue consists primarily (types of obesity are described in the diagnosis) and where fat is deposited outside the adipose tissue.

Although many obese convinced that the problem must be hormones, but very few obese have demonstrable and treatable hormonal disorder. The management of energy (and thus storage and release of energy as fat) is involved in a number of hormones (especially thyroid and adrenal glands), but diseases of the endocrine disrupting effects, we find the tiny fraction of the obese (estimated to be at most 5%).

What are the symptoms of obesity?

Young people also suffer severe obesity quite well. Most of the excess weight occurs during exertion, increased sweating, pain in major joints, the spine. Unpleasant is parked in the points of contact of skin flaps hanging belly, varicose veins. The most serious are the effects on metabolism, heart and vascular system. As obesity and what it brings results

Obese more likely to suffer substantially all "lifestyle diseases". Diabetes 2nd type (a disease caused in adulthood) appears only in obese or overweight people. Much more common is high blood pressure. The obese have a higher blood fats. The result is a significantly higher incidence of heart attacks; angina pectoris and other manifestations heart muscle, heart failure and stroke. More often also leads to pulmonary embolism (into the pulmonary arteries). Obese more likely to suffer up to several malignant tumors, particularly colon, pancreas, uterus and breast.

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