What Can I Expect When I Detox?
Zara • onHealth & Beauty 9 years ago • 3 min read

Unfortunately, an interest in upgrading your level of health through detoxification is not necessarily indicative of a high level of common sense. Some people have done serious damage to themselves in the name of cleansing their system of toxins.

Giving yourself a good detox will have its effects on your lifestyle and on your general health. Start your detox with a visit to your doctor. He may or may not approve of you going on a detox, but you will need to take notice of any advice he has relative your individual physical condition. Like your blood sugar levels, for instance. If you are diabetic in any way, you won't be able to go about detoxing in the same way that a totally healthy person would.

To lessen the impact on your friends, family and business associates you would do well to take your detox during some vacation time. It does not have to eat too much into time you would normally spend relaxing on the beach but you need to make a firm decision as to how long your detox will be. Three to five days is plenty to boost your feeling of inner cleanliness and brighten your outlook. If you have never had a detox before, you could make do with two days.

You could spend a few days before you begin detoxing looking around your home and seeing if you can get rid of some nasty and unnecessary chemical products like detergents and air fresheners. This is the time to make sure your refrigerator and pantry are not full of fatty foods or snacks that are full of sugar. It's also the time to stop alcohol consumption. If you smoke, try to go without or at least, seriously cut down for a day or two before detoxing.

Now that you know what not to put into your system, you need to decide what you WILL be eating during your detox program. Do it right, sit down and write down a menu. All your meals will be fruit and vegetables. Don't use foods that are heavy in starch, and avoid, dairy, grains and meat. If you are not confident in working out a menu for a detox, the internet will help you.

Once you have your menu worked out, do some shopping. Stock up on the vegetables and fruits as well as plenty of bottled water. Stocking up on food and water will help your state of mind by putting to rest any lurking fears that detoxing will be a time of constant food cravings.

If you have taken some time off from work and family you will have plenty of time for rest and exercise when you need them. Rest when you feel like it. You might find yourself napping more than you usually would, but if you are making a drastic change to your diet, a need for rest is to be expected. If you aren't into regimented exercise, go for a walk once or twice a day.

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