What Causes Liver Spots And Remedies For Its Removal
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Liver spots, also known as age spots, are common. These are spots with an intense pigmentation which are harmless. When you reach the age of 55 years, you get more chance of liver spots. Usually occur on the back of the hand and forehead. They are often associated with too much sun (especially harmful UV radiation) but it often without reason.

Liver spots have nothing to do with the liver, despite their name. Some people call them age spots, since they only appear when a person is in advanced years. They are small, flat, light brown patches which look like very big freckles and may often be in a cluster on the back of the hands, from middle age onwards. Fair people often have more sunspots than dark haired people.


Causes of liver spots

Liver spots (or age spots) are often a result of too much sun. The harmful UV rays of the sun, the skin pigmentation changes, especially after many years. This may take several years to age spots suddenly appear on your skin. Liver spots are more common when you get older and when you are a (very) light-colored skin. They are called liver spots because they previously assumed that these spots on the skin came from a malfunctioning liver. Liver spots often have a red or dark brown color, the color also has a normal liver.

Diagnose Diagnosis

Liver spots are common due to excessive exposure to harmful UV rays. They often occur in the areas that are often exposed to the sun like the back of the hand, face and arms.

The spots themselves are usually flat and have a light to dark brown color. They have an oval or round shape and sometimes a red color. They are not dark in sunlight and the diameter can vary from a few millimeters to a centimeter. Liver spots are not cancerous growths and never change shape or color. If it does, you should definitely see a doctor. These spots were sometimes melanoma can and should be investigated as soon as possible.


If one is suffering from lighter liver spots, or he want to treat one or two areas of liver spots, he may want some homely treatment for his problem. Application of acidic fruit juice, like that found in lemons helps to reduce the appearance of liver spots. The same results can be observed with the application of raw slices of acidic fruit to the skin. To get the best results one must follow this procedure daily until the desired results are achieved.

Most people let their liver spots are not treated. But there is a possible treatment: you can freeze the liver spots and so removed. Often this is unnecessary and expensive. In fact there is not really a treatment. It is not a disease.

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