What Causes Male Impotence
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Erectile dysfunction, also called impotence, is defined as a man inability to obtain or maintain an erection sufficient to have sex with a partner. For some men, impotence means they are unable to ejaculate during sex. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the case with most men in one time or another, but studies indicate that erectile dysfunction is more common in older men, so it is often associated with the aging process in men.

Occasional impotence is often not seen as a problem, but when impotence continues for some time, it can bring in great emotional distress for both the man and his partner. Causes there are a number of reasons why you may have impotence. In about three quarters of cases, there are physical problems affecting the blood supply.

However, there is a complex relationship between the physical and psychological aspects of sexual function. For example, you may have problems with physical health, causing psychological distress and this may have an additional effect on erection problems.

Physical health a number of different conditions can cause impotence, including: Diabetes-Multiple sclerosis Parkinson's disease if surgery was in its pelvic region hormonal imbalances Cardiovascular disease - High blood pressure, arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries and other related problems the heart and blood vessels can cause erectile dysfunction by impairing the blood flow to the sexual organ. If it causes major damage to nerves and blood vessels, diabetes can lock pleasant sensations, and blood flow. Psychological factors: - If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, but have erections in the morning or while you sleep, there is a good chance your problem is largely psychological. Factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction include stress, fear, performance anxiety, guilt, depression and low self-esteem. The feeling of resentment or hostility - harbored any person living in erectile dysfunction, or your partner - can also derail intimacy.

Prostate surgery: - Not long ago, many men had to sacrifice their sex life after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer. Sixty-eight percent of men were still able to have erections after the prostate was removed. However, only 48 percent of those 70 and older regained its power.

Smoking - Cigarettes can damage your arteries, with consequences that are enough to make even the Marlboro Man find a different habit.

Cycling - There are controversies about the issue, some experts say regular cycling is a major cause of erectile dysfunction. There is no doubt that it is pressing a crack in a hard bicycle seat puts enormous pressure on the nerves and blood vessels that feed the sexual organ. If you ride a bicycle, be sure to lean back regularly to transfer your weight from the groin area to the buttocks. You should also consider investing in a bank that is specifically designed to put less pressure on the groin. If you often feel numbness in your sexual organ after bike riding, or if numbness is less frequent but lingers, schedule an appointment with your doctor or an urologist.

Lifestyle - If you drink too much alcohol, this may affect your ability to achieve and maintain an erection. In the long term, it interferes with the production of the male hormone testosterone, which can reduce the sexual drive and desire libido. Smoking harms your blood vessels and thus increases the risk of erection problems. Similarly, physically inactive, which contributes to poor cardiovascular fitness, may increase the chances you have impotence. Impotence may be an early warning signal that is at risk of coronary heart disease. Many men need greater tactile stimulation on their age. You may want to consider a change in the preliminary and sexual technique to ensure a sustained erection.

Other factors: - Alcoholism, pelvic injuries, multiple sclerosis, and below normal levels of testosterone are all capable of causing erectile dysfunction. Read more on Low Sexual Desire and Increase Sperm Count Remedies. And more on male impotence treatment.

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