What Causes My Excessive Sweating And How Can I Cure It?
Karen Douglas • onHealth & Beauty 10 years ago • 3 min read

Excessive Sweating Causes - Don't Just Cope With It Any Longer! by Karen V. Douglas

Dealing with excessive sweating is one of the most frustrating things to go through. Just when you want to go out or be professional on the job, your sweating kicks in once again. No doubt you are frustrated and looking for a good excessive sweating cure that will help.

There are many excessive sweating causes out there that can cause hyperhidrosis to occur. In some cases these causes are not something that you can easily control, which makes it a bit harder to actually solve the problem. Even so, there are some options out there to help treat the problem.

One of the main excessive sweating causes is heredity. Many physicians feel that this problem is a genetic one. Often if there is someone in your family that has the same problem, you may end up dealing with it as well.

Another popular belief is that hormones play a big role in the cause of your excessive sweating. Multiple studies have shown that when a person goes through major changes in the way certain hormones function, such as menopause or puberty, a person may begin to show signs of having hyperhidrosis.

A person's weight can be another cause of excessive sweating. A person that has issues with their weight can cause the sweat glands to produce more sweat in order to keep the body at a balanced temperature. This is because the over abundance of fat on the body is used to insulated and therefore keep the body temperature at a higher level.

Foods often can be excessive sweating causes too. Some people have reactions to particular foods that can cause you to deal with excessive sweating. Often spicy and hot foods can cause this to occur. A great excessive sweating cure if this is the problem is to avoid these foods. Just limiting them in your diet may provide you with some relief.

It is easy to see that although there are many different excessive sweating causes, there are some wonderful all natural excessive sweating cures available on the market today.

The best options are not always offered by physicians. Sometimes they include expensive surgeries and/or pharmaceutical medications. Both of these treatments may come with some very unwanted side effects causing you to suffer in other ways. I suggest you forgo these treatments, at least at first, and try an all natural excessive sweating cure to see what type of relief this will provide you. Visit my blog below to discover how I cured my hyperhidrosis and how you can too!

Karen V. Douglas runs a website profiling the different excessive sweating causes and how to cure this embarrassing disorder.

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    Hi, thank you very much for sharing interesting topic. Doctors generally recommend applying Drysol after drying the skin completely to stop excessive sweating. Wearing it only at bedtime and then washing it off in the morning with plain water reduces the chance of skin irritation. Nice post. Keep going on. Thank you