What Foods Cause Constipation - Diet Especially High In Fat And Low In Fiber
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Usually the most common cause of constipation is the nature of diet which is especially high in fat and also low in fiber. People who consume plenty of high fiber food are at low risk to be affected by the constipation. But the people who consume low fiber food are at high risk to be affected by the constipation.

To avoid constipation our diet is the major factor which is to be considered at each and every step. If we want to avoid constipation we have to regularize our diet according to its requirement Intake of plenty of water is also essential in addition to the proper diet. Some of the important foods which are to be consider in our diet to avoid constipation.

  1. Fiber is the most important part of the diet to avoid constipation. Both soluble and insoluble fibers are important and they are the part of fruits, vegetables and the grains which the body cannot digest. There are soluble fibers also which can easily be soluble in water and converts into soft, gel-like texture in the intestine.

On the other hand there are insoluble fibers which after passing through intestine almost remain unchanged. The soft and bulk texture of fiber prevent from constipation that is they prevent dry, hard stools which are very difficult and painful to pass.

  1. Low fiber diet plays an important role in increasing constipation. Usually older adults lose interest in eating and they want to eat the food of their choice which is generally low in fiber. In order to avoid difficulties while chewing or swallowing the older age people prefer to eat the food which are soft and are low in fiber. This condition motivates them to suffer from constipation. Some low fiber foods are there which causes constipation are cheese, ice cream, meat, snacks like chips and pizza and processed foods like instant mashed potatoes or frozen dinners.

  2. Some of the food like-

Meat especially beef and pork slows down the process of digestion terrible and consistently.

Potatoes also cause constipation due to its excess starch.

Cheeses are the huge culprit of constipation.

Bread and pasta also enhances the constipation.

Pizza increases the constipation as it is having too much of cheese.

Fast food like fries, hamburgers, stuff etc are having very little nutrition but they don't help the body to work properly.

Heavy sugar products also enhance the constipation and they also create very low energy.

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