What Foods Increase Sperm Count And Quality
Dr Andrew Napier • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 3 min read

Everyone knows that quality of sperm is vital for pregnancy but very few know that low sperm quality can be improved very easily by making some changes in the dietary routine and focusing on the right kind of diet which can help. Usually Vitamin A, C and E are considered as helpful in improving and also maintaining the quality of sperm so the diet which is rich source of these vitamins are considered as foods for improving sperm quality.

Though oatmeal is considered as healthy food for overall health due to its properties to control excess fat in the blood but when consumed with zinc rich diets it is a boon for improving sperm quality. This combination can not only improve sperm count but also it is very good for improving sperm motility and semen volume. Popularly recommended diet is wheat germ and oatmeal for better sperm quality.

Deficiency of vitamin A can promote sluggish sperm which means decreased chances of fertilizing egg for pregnancy. Carrot, dried apricots and red pepper are rich sources of vitamin A, diet combining vitamin A with spinach, dark green lettuce, broccoli and sweet potatoes is not only good for sperm motility but also for sperm count. Kale red peppers, yellow vegetables and fruits are rich sources of vitamin A and C, asparagus is not only used to increase libido but also works well for increasing sperm motility, other sources of vitamin C are snow peas, cooked tomatoes and strawberries which are good food for increasing sperm count.

Male having deficiency of folic acid cannot produce healthy semen so in the quest to improve overall sperm quality diet supplying ample quantity of folic acid is necessary, all types of leafy green vegetables are good sources of folic acid, other sources of folic acid are avocado and beans.

Oysters, arugula, crab and chicken are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, presence of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood improves overall sexual health, it is good for improving blood flow and improving sperm count and motility. Cooking food in some oils can help in improving zinc in the body which is very important for sperm quality sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and cottonseed oil are rich sources of zinc. Almond is also recommended for improving sexual health, it has properties to improve libido as well as supplies zinc which is very good for sexual health.

Apart from taking sperm quality improving diet it is important to avoid foods and diet which can be harmful for sperm quality. Consumption of too much caffeine and alcohol cast extremely negative effect on sperm count. Too much spice in the diet can cause problems to urinary tract and also to the digestive system which is not good for overall health. Consumption of salt causes problems of water retention which can disturb functioning of kidney, causing poor sperm quality. Use of diuretics also cast negative effect on sperm count as they promote fluid flow out of the body and at times can dehydrate the body causing lack of seminal fluids too. Diet low on fat, high in proteins and fiber are very good for sperm quality.

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