What Hiring Managers Hate About Your Resume
lovely • onResume 12 years ago • 2 min read

So you say you’ve sent out 4 million resumes and have not gotten as much as a nibble? If you’ve got the right experience but you’re just not getting your foot in the door anywhere, maybe there are problems with your resume. I recently asked TechRepublic members who are IT managers what kinds of things make them want to just chuck a resume in the trash.

You would do well to take a look at their comments and then go back and take a look at your resume. Are you guilty of any of these?

Grammatical/spelling errors Too much information (or as GSG says, “I’m hiring you for a job. I don’t want to know about your 4 kids, that they are (in your opinion) little Einsteins, your dogs, your husband/wife, or your hobby of knitting little stocking caps for the poor little cold kittens.”) Information provided that the interviewer can’t legally ask for (marital status, age, religion) Unexplained date gaps in work experience An overstatement of technical skills Bad formatting (TiggerTwo hates “the failure to place the most important information in the top third of the page, lack of white space, a bunch of keywords that appear to exist only to be keywords, failure to provide a skills listing, use of less than 10 point font, and use of a difficult-to-read font.”) “If you can’t tell from the resume alone if the owner is enthusiastic about (some aspects of) his previous job experiences, the resume is out.” Not highlighting actual results delivered Overly long resumes. According to frostbite, “anything more than 2 pages is a hard read, more than 4 is a tome.”



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