What I Look For In A Girl?
Mike • onLove & Harmony 9 years ago • 2 min read

Contrary to popular assumptions, not all men are after sex when they are out approaching girls to build a relationship. In-fact for many men, physical intimacy is a very small part of a relationship. Just like the woman, we are looking for a partner with whom we can share our lives with, give birth to children and bring them up into good human beings.

Women today are highly mislead by mass media and think that all men care about is how they look. They spend a whole lot of money and time on fashion and make-up crazing for that zero size figure. What they forget is that the man of their dreams is not looking for any of this external beauty. He is more bothered about what lies inside.

When people fall in love, when they get attracted to each other, it is the soul that generates the attraction and not the body itself. This is why we feel attraction only towards some people and not to all. In a room full of women, a man will find himself getting attracted to only one girl. He will not find real attraction towards all girls in the room. That would be unnatural.

So girls, just chill! Don't worry if you do not have a size zero. Don't waste time thinking that you do not look as good as the other girls. Just look for that special someone and you will find him.

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