What If Your Teen Gets Pregnant?
Dr. Mital John • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

What if you received a letter from a 13-year-old girl who says she is pregnant? The monthly period has stopped. They are so scared and not knowing what to do. How do you react to it and what should I do to help?

First, calm down them. If your daughter, niece, cousins or your daughter or your friend who always test to not show frustration. Try to be cool when faced with this situation. You must understand that it is not easy to tell your personal problems with someone else.

You should talk with the girl face to face and understand what we face. This is a dramatic frightening time for both to not make it rough. Try to discover that by you is really pregnant or just scared to be. Buy a pregnancy test kit. Take her to the doctor to do more testing because the sooner you know the truth, the sooner you will be able to consider.


He thought probably the only person you trust to solve the problem so she does not get it. If she is pregnant, her body goes through changes too. You can consult the problem with their doctors or go to planned paternity clinic in your area.

Of course, changing bodies. The boobs to get larger, the extended tummies and taste bud to be fickle, getting into a whirlwind from one craving to the next. It can be changed from once a minute chubby girl on girl.

Naturally, morning sickness, which can happen at any time during the day, is also a new change for the girl. Foods and even smells just loved can not be a concern anymore. Moreover, to cope with outbreaks of pimples, export and painful legs and backs. And then there are the emotional and mental changes.

Obviously she is pregnant if you find those signs in the girl after the test shows that are positive pregnant. So you should get close to her neighbor. To feel alone because you have to leave school and think that everyone hates to for what he did. Be a good friend.

Try to get into the mindset mom so it may be more protective to her. Encourage her to become pregnant is a wonderful time for a woman, and no need to shame. So, you should protect your body from eating good food diet and having a rest because this is thanks to someone inside it.

Unless the girl does not want her partner to be closed to her, let her partner engaged in helping the passing of this difficult condition. If you are as young as her, maybe you can visit between school days. Let them decide what best for them. But the most important things for you are to tell them that they still have the future.

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