What "In Love" Means To Me
Sunny • onLove & Harmony 9 years ago • 2 min read

What "In Love" means to me

This is not a complete work, there are things in an "In Love" relationship which are unidentifiable.

Some of this list falls under "Necessary to feed and protect an "In Love" relationship."

Some people are "falling in love" ie: feeling that some of these criteria are being met perhaps with "In Love" as the inevitable goal.

One can "fall out of love": this is a tall order for any being to fill.

  • Self Esteem Self-Honesty Love oneself
  • Open Communication Honesty Updating to current states * Reveal true feelings even/esp. when unpleasant.
  • Love - as an act * Love - as an emotional state of being (love is something you choose to do or don't choose to do. Performing acts of love brings you loving feelings.)
  • Freedom Interdependence Space * Autonomy
  • Equality on all levels * Mutual respect
  • Cherish time together Not take for granted Not demand (attention or time, perhaps not anything)
  • Growth Exploration Learning * NOT stagnation
  • Reliability (builds faith) * Tolerance (re: accidental slip-ups)
  • Trust Letting down walls Confidence
  • Pleasure Energy reciprocation and enhancement Transcending sex as an act of lust
  • Faith in each other, each other's perceptions & feelings, in love itself * Understanding & acceptance
  • Focus on and into each other Attention Connection * Concern
  • Empathy Spiritual-Emotional connectivity Magick


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