What Is Better A Cleansing Cream Or Soap To Wash Face
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How many times a day there to wipe their face? The face must be washed at least once a day and it is recommended two. More than twice is not good because if you have dry skin, this is more due to the dry cleaners and if you have oily skin, stimulating the glands is just making the skin more fat.

Cleanliness is very important at night; morning cleaning is desirable to remove the natural oils secreted during the night.

What is better: a cleansing cream or soap? Most professionals in the field of beauty does not recommend the use of soap for the face. Most soaps are alkaline and therefore tend to dry and irritate the skin. Especially for skin sensitive, mature or dry is not recommended to use soap.

When you choose a cleansing cream or lotion should be taken into special consideration the skin type. Cleaners, dry and sensitive skin are usually creamy consistency when cleaner’s Oily skin is gelatinous. If after cleaning your face, feels very dry skin is then recommended to use a milder cleaner. Therefore, if the skin is very fat may mean that the appropriate product is being used.

It is important to avoid products containing: - Fragrance Strengths: These are usually artificial and contain unnecessary chemicals. - Colours: in many cases these are simply added to cosmetics for that look. On the other hand, we must keep in mind that many products have a color given by ingredients used.

In these cases it is important to read the label indicating the ingredients of the product. - Alcohol which dries the skin. - Mineral oils covering the pores.

What are the steps to clean your face? 1 - The first thing is to have clean hands. If these are soiled end up spreading bacteria on the face. 2 - When using the cleaner you can use cotton or fingertips to spread it. The movements must be light (without stretching the skin) up and circulars. 3 - It is recommended to use warm water. Very hot water can break the capillaries. The cold water closes the pores, increases circulation and dry skin. It is important to avoid extremes. 4 - When the skin is dry use a clean towel and avoids stretching the skin with sudden movements. 5 - Once your face is clean and dry, you can apply a tonic with the help of cotton.

Tonics are liquids composed of purified water and plant extracts with softening properties. The use of a tonic helps the skin without leaving greasy or dry feeling and / or tension.

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