What Is Cellulite And Tips To Fight Against It
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Cellulite is linked to hereditary factors and its main cause is related to the hormone estrogen, found primarily in women. In times where there is increased production of this hormone as pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation, pre menopause and use of contraceptives, cellulite can worsen. The lack of physical activity and poor diet high in fat, will also contribute to the emergence of this bothers companion.

Cellulite is a histological abnormality that occurs in the subcutaneous tissue that affects men and women, being that women are the most affected. Cellulites usually becomes evident from adolescence, however, currently we have found that children, especially girls already are victims of this disease cells the subcutaneous tissue.

Cellulite is a ghost in women's lives and, perhaps most enemy. Nine out of ten women suffer from the problem, either in more smoothly or in the advanced stage, where the depressions and bosses are marked. May appear at puberty, in both young lean, fats, high or low. But ultimately, what is cellulite? Cellulite as the name suggests, is an inflammation Cell. Cellulite occurs at the cellular level subcutaneous tissue, where the microcirculation of capillaries small, thin vessels in adipose tissue is deficient

Currently, cellulite is considered a disease rather than simple deformation. Cellulites manifests itself in the connective tissue located beneath the skin, due to the sum of several changes that are triggered by several factors, such as inheritance genetics, sedentary lifestyle, circulatory problems, food inadequate, cigarettes, alcohol, stress and imbalance hormone.

Before that cellulite is installing, you can get in the fight against this enemy. Some habits are embedded the day-to-day may be quite useful: - Daily, after bathing, massage the legs and thighs with cellulite cream. The movements should be light, circular and upward, from ankle to hip. The same can be done in his arms, going to the shoulder. The process serves to mobilize the accumulated net. - Choose low heels: the use of high heels hampers movement. - Breathe properly, to help release toxins, relax the tensions and assist the blood in their oxygenating function. - Swimming and gymnastics are activities especially recommended to combat cellulite because they work all muscles smoothly, beyond to massage the tissues. - If you prefer some other exercise, choose a smaller impact, more moderate and no sudden movements, not damaging the tissues. Replace, for example, the race for the walk. - Whenever possible, put legs up, flex and extend toes, do external rotation, internal extension and flexion of the ankles, to facilitate venous return. - When you spend too much time standing or sitting, rest a little legs up. - Choose the pieces loose and comfortable. Not Reducing use straps, which hinder movement venous and lymphatic. The fair also damage clothes the circulation. - Increase intake of fruits and vegetables raw and cooked. - Swap fries for baked or cooked. - Avoid consuming refined sugar. - Avoid excess salt: he favors edema, an important factor in process of cellulite. - Avoid soft drinks and alcoholic beverages in general. - Avoid smoking: nicotine and tar increase the thickness blood vessels, hampering circulation.

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