What Is Cholesterol And Dietary Guidelines
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What is cholesterol? - Complex lipid (fat kind), which belongs to a group of sterols. Located in animal foods. Our body can make it to the liver. Cholesterol is an important building block in the walls of our cells and forms an insulating layer of nerve cells. In addition, one of the basic substances of various hormones, which in turn controls the process of metabolism and affect the immune system? In addition, cholesterol is the basic substance of vitamin D and it is needed for the production of bile acids.

What we have to restrict food and turn it into a diet to put on the increased value of cholesterol.


Recommended value:

• Total cholesterol less than 5 mmol / l • LDL - bad cholesterol less than 3 mmol / l • HDL - good cholesterol more than 1 mmol / l


• White bread , pastry • Sweetened cereals (muesli, bars) • Fried potatoes, chips, croquettes • Egg pasta • Sweetened canned fruit and fruit products • Fat meat, offal, sausages, pies • Fish salad with mayonnaise • Egg yolk and dishes, mayonnaise • Whole milk, fat yoghurt, cream • Fat cheese, cream • Butter, lard, bacon • Hardened frying fat, mayo • Sweetened soft drinks • Fruit juices with added sugar • Frequent consumption of alcohol (spirits) • And condensed cream soups • Prepared meals, hot dogs • Burgers, sandwiches with mayonnaise • Cakes, sweets, biscuits, breadsticks, cakes • Ice cream, sugar, ice • Salt, seasoning mix


• Whole meal bread, dark bread • Cereals without added sugar • Boiled potatoes (or unpeeled) • Gram, egg-free, pasta • Fresh vegetables and fruits • Lean meat, poultry, fish • Seafood salad without mayonnaise, in its own juice • Egg whites • Skimmed or semi-skimmed milk • Cheese, reduced fat • Vegetable fats, oils • Vegetable oil suitable for frying • Low fat dressings • Unsweetened table and mineral water • Sugar-free drinks, fruit juices and vegetables • Non-alcoholic beer • Clear broths supplemented by vegetables, meat... • Vegetables, pulses, pasta and salads • Honey, jelly, low sugar content • Pudding centrifuge. Milk • Garlic, herbs and spices simple • Good and bad cholesterol

In the blood are called lipoproteins carry cholesterol, HDL (good) and LDL (bad). HDL removes cholesterol from tissues to the liver, where it is then transported and excreted into the bile. HDL also has antioxidant effects.

Many of LDL and atherosclerosis

LDL and its high concentration in blood is associated with high cholesterol levels and significantly accelerates the development of atherosclerosis. And that atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), many patients suffer, in development with high cholesterol signs. The vascular walls are stored in fat, resulting in a blood vessel loses its elasticity and gradually tapering to her, and then to ischemia. The most striking are the changes in the coronary arteries of the heart (coronary heart disease), and then to the brain, kidneys and lower extremities.

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