What Is Flu And Natural Home Remedies For Flu
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Influenza is as well called the flu. It's an disease that causes fever, chills, cough, body aches, headaches, and from time to time earaches or sinus problems.

The flu is caused by the influenza virus. A virus is a bug, which means it's so small that you can't see it with no a strong microscope.

Influenza, usually shortened to "flu," is an very contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza A or B viruses.

Flu appears most often in winter and early spring. The flu virus attack the body by spreading from side to side the upper and/or lower respiratory tract.

Influenza, or flu, is a respiratory illness that is caused by a virus. Flu is highly infectious and is frequently spread by the coughs and sneezes of a person who is infected.

The flu is incredible that no one likes getting, but one and all gets it at some point in their life. One of the most common types of flu is the stomach flu.

You could be eating out with your kin one day, and then doubled over in the bathroom the next. Before we jump into flu symptoms, you need to know that the stomach flu is also called a viral gastroenteritis.

Causes of Flu

The flu is caused by three types (strains) of viruses - influenza A, B and C. Type A is responsible for the deadly influenza pandemics (worldwide epidemics) that strike every 10 to 40 years, whereas type B causes smaller, more limited to a small area outbreaks.

Type C is less ordinary and causes only mild symptoms. The influenza virus is generally passed from person to person by airborne transmission (i.e., sneezing or coughing).

Symptoms of Flu

  1. Fever
  2. Coughing and/or sore throat
  3. Runny or stuffy nose
  4. Headaches and/or dead body aches
  5. Chills
  6. Fatigue

Home Remedies for Flu

Since flu spreads at the smallest amount of contact, one should stay at home till fully recovered.

It is best to rest in the bed as you will feel sick and worn-out to do anything else. If you are doing work despite being sick, you're prone to more complications.

Liquids are important as you can get the much needed nutrients when you don’t feel like eating and it also keep you from being dehydrated.

Drink lots of liquids like water, soups, veg or non veg and other fluids like fruit juices.

Beet and carrot juice, both are rich in nutrients. Fruit juice mixed with water in equal quantity and dash of sugar provide the necessary glucose.

By humidifying your room there will be less uneasiness of a cough, sore throat or dry nasal passages. If you’re blow your nose incessantly, it will be sore and red.

Lubricate your nostrils with fuel jelly products to decrease the irritation.

For tired achy muscles, ease away the pain with a warm condense. Soak your feet in hot water to assuage any headache or nasal blocking

Ensure that your room has plenty of fresh air bring in all the times. Prevent chills by tiring warm, close fitting clothes.

Ask a big shot to give you a back rub as it activate the immune system to fight the flu. During flu, one be supposed to eat lightly. Snack on fruits, cereals, boiled food, etc.

If sore or scratchy throats accompany the flu infection, get relief by gargling with salt water solution. It will wash out any secretion collected in your throat.

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