What Is High Blood Pressure Or Hypertension Treatment
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The proportion of disease, high blood pressure (tension excessive Hypertension) in humans are rising with the increasing burden of stress and anxiety in our modern life, especially in cities, where overcrowding and transportation problems, malnutrition, environmental pollution and the problems of the diverse life.

At the very least, the people and one in every twenty people suffering from high blood pressure and needs to be addressed Unfortunately, half suffer from this disease often do not know that his blood pressure high needs to be addressed and half of those who know their illness are not receiving the necessary treatment to him so it is advisable measuring their blood pressure every six months, especially after over the age of thirty years of age or in cases of weight gain or in cases of transmission of the disease among family members.


What is blood pressure?

Arteries organized pressure and amount of blood passing out through the expansion and contraction regularly with a heartbeat, if you have lost this artery flexible for any reason, then the resistance increases in the arterial blood passing relieved the blood pressure and therefore the resistance of the arterial walls for the passage of blood is an important factor to determine the level of blood pressure

There are two types of pressure are measured, the systolic Systolic pressure is measured when the heart spasm during the process of pumping, and diastolic pressure, measured at Diastolic relaxation of the heart to receive blood coming from the body.

What if you have a growing tension?

• If you knew how to overcome directly or indirectly on the tension, it is useful for some patients with hypertension. The immediate benefit is a reduction of blood pressure and indirect is to feel better in terms of psychological and health as well. • And where it is impossible for nearly anyone to avoid stress completely, it is useless to try to reduce or control the tension. Is it useful to do exercise?

The people who do not engage in any exercise and have no ability to do so are more susceptible to heart attack and are recovering slower than the others, therefore, exercise regularly and as suggested by your doctor will lead to:

• That the heart pumps blood more efficiently and will improve blood circulation and may decrease blood pressure as well. • May decrease cholesterol and other fats and this may lead to the postponement of the process of hardening of the arteries. • Will improve the performance of your muscles and the strength of this performance and will rise also why you • May improve your mental may help you cope with stress and would relax faster and sleep more peaceful.

Treatment of high blood pressure:

Third: If high blood pressure, simple and does not exceed (160/100), all it requires a patient to follow medical advice without recourse to drugs; this procedure is useful in all cases and can be summarized as follows:

• Limit the intake of salt gradually until the patient accepts the lowest food intake of salt. • Weight reduction if the patient suffers from obesity, according to the directives of a dietician. • Doing exercises such as swimming and running regularly as directed by the physician to start gradually if the patient has never exercised before. • Immediately stop smoking. • Stop taking the pill (for women) and seek refuge in the use of other means if the patient is of childbearing age, especially if the class that weigh more than with the pill. This category of women with susceptible to complications; It is therefore necessary by a physician for follow regularly.

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