What Is Masturbation And Health Benefits Of Masturbation?
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In general sense, masturbation is the act of exciting the sexual organs by rubbing, stroking, or fondling, pressing or other forms of handling. It is part of the normal sexual development which occurs in adolescent and which everyone indulges in at some point in life. In a more restricted sense, masturbation goes beyond just exciting the sexual organs, that is, in men, not just handling the penis until erection is achieved.


Masturbation is a sexual behaviour developed in childhood. This behaviour is normally discarded as the individual grows up into adulthood. It becomes an abnormal situation when it is sustained to adulthood. The following are some of the reasons why masturbation is practiced.

• Lateness in Getting Married: -The men become fully sexually developed without a steady partner for relieving their sexual arousals. Those who cannot seek sexual relationship with prostitutes often continue the adolescent practice of masturbation.

• Boarding of Adolescents: - This encourages exchange of information about masturbation and allows room for adventures into it. When such boarding facilities are unisex and far away from where sexual intercourse with the other sex is possible, then masturbation becomes quite rampant. Adolescents and everyone involved in this habit are therefore advised to access my free GIFT which is a collection of edifying downloadable e-books for the development of the mind at • Sex Materials: - With technological advancement comes literature (books, magazines, pictures) and audio-visual materials (films, televisions and videos) which arouse sexual desires in individuals

Over masturbation is actually beneficial when you consider the rate at which STDs are affecting the youth of the world today. Most STDs are transmitted due to unsafe sex with multiple partners. If, instead, a man relieves his sexual desires through masturbation, then at least the chances of infection are zero.

Over masturbation usually corrects itself when the circumstances of the man change. Especially when the man gets married, there is a huge decline in the rate of masturbation. Also when the man involves himself in some activity like sports or working out then the rate of masturbation becomes less.

Health Benefits of Masturbation: -

• Most people have no idea that this solitary sexual practice is surprisingly beneficial for men's and women's health! • A recent study you may have heard about has also suggested that frequent masturbation in men may help decrease the risk of developing prostate cancer. While this is not 100 percent certain, there's a good chance it may prove to be true. Of course, nobody recommends masturbating in order to prevent cancer, but men who engage in this practice frequently should not feel as if they're doing something wrong because, it turns out, this activity may even help them in their old age. So, as you can see, there are good things to say about masturbation and even some benefits to be had. • Eases some of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome • Relief from menstrual cramps • Muscle relaxation • Helps you to fall asleep • Promotes release of the brain's opioid-like neurotransmitters - endorphins (similar to morphine but 10 times stronger), which cause feelings of physical and mental well being • Enhances self-esteem

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