What Is Meant By SEO And SEM?
Parveen Kumar • onIt & Systems 8 years ago • 2 min read

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the site optimization for search engines based on merit and ™ is a multi disciplinary activity:


• China texts targeted • suitable programming of a site • development of external links to a site • all key factors that direct qualified traffic to a site • Two common methods • Ethics, based on merit

• Circumvent or manipulate search engine • SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Marketing through search engines, combines strategies of paid advertising (Pay-Per-Click - PPC) activities of standard SEO • SEP (Search Engine Positioning), search engine placement, SEO is a term to indicate obsolete.

The indexing in Google, Yahoo & Windows Live is just one aspect of the SEO process.

Why use SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

The majority of site visitors come mostly from search engines

• An initial effort, combined with continued application of best practice SEO can always bring new traffic to your site • To avoid unnecessary expenses with advertising campaigns on search engines • Optimization Techniques ? improve the quality and usufruibilità a site ? apply to all the major search engines Prerequisites for a successful SEO Collaboration between departments Marketing / Sales and Information Systems • The EES is composed of cross-functional activities, which require multidisciplinary skills both technical and marketing.

Web Ability to update and modify the Web site

• SEO activity will require changes to the site. • The ability to change the configuration of the Web server is useful but not essential.

Ability to generate statistics about access to the site (reports Statistics Web Sites - Web Analytics )

• Access to the web server log file is needed to generate statistics that will show traffic coming from searches on search engines.

Time commitment and determination to solicit links from sites outside of our site.

SEO Common obstacles to SEO

• Despite the fact that SEO may prove highly profitable, its comprehensive management requires discipline, reflection and an ongoing commitment of resources. • The results are not always immediate. Changes may take days or even several months to be operational.

Some sites choose, such as coverage of the initial period, to associate the activity of an SEO campaign to charges of short duration in order to be included immediately in the search engines.

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