What Is Menopause And Symptoms Of Menopause Is Different?
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The innermost layer of uterine wall, endometrial characteristic mucosal layer, called the ovary to secrete hormones that affect the region, especially hard hit. With the human female menstrual cycle (mammals in general with the female menstrual cycle) is known to periodic change.

Ovulation was that the eggs fertilized if you did not break off the endometrial, the blood and cervix, the vagina is menstruation to be eliminated from the body via the. So pregnant then, gave birth a few months until after menstruation stops.


And ovarian function begins to decline after menopause, we shortened menstrual cycle, bleeding will occur and then. It's different for many women menstruation, menopause 10 years ago; start to become irregular menstrual cycle since the 40 that entered. For example, it seems often to be around 27 people had a longer period of about 35 days so far.

20 - Even infrequent - shorter period to about 25, in the late 40s and some of them an ovulation, infrequent periods is "not sure they make" irregular condition that happen Masu.

Once the consultation during perimenopause - the disordered state Thus, menopause is "more than a year without a menstrual period" refers to. Hormone balance disorder that dramatically decreases the secretion of female hormones, various psychosomatic symptoms occur.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and 3 days before menstruation body ~ 10 psychiatric symptoms appeared, starting with the loss of menstrual symptoms, which disappear. Physical symptoms are breast pain, breast feeling of fullness, abdominal bloating, headache (especially migraine), edema of the extremities, and abdominal pain are known. Symptoms of depression and mental frustration, anxiety, and known excitability.

Menopause Symptoms

• Menopause and say that across the menopause around 10 years, somehow happen to upset many women in this period "symptoms of menopause is called". • The Association survey, 90 percent more than females, the time of menopause is something I feel upset. • The "Menopause" is a severe condition that can not be said about the state of daily life such as work and housework. The doctor "Menopause" people are diagnosed with the two-menopausal women and 30 percent are. • Menopause - Menopause is the time for reviewing is a welcome turn of mind for everyone. The more than 30 years of healthy life ahead, even when I have to go walk in the review of certain gait


During menstruation, the uterus vagina is discharged through the body via the blood. Women can not control you this bleeding, and not even what action, many snags pollute underwear and clothing. Therefore, in order to absorb menstrual blood discharged napkins and tampons, such as feminine hygiene products to use. More comfortable to use as napkins for a short period to even wear. Treatment of menstruation and how to use napkins are also covered in sex education in primary schools.

What was once napkin absorbent cotton have increased dramatically and is now thin, high-absorbent polymer is widely used for convenience was used. The used sanitary napkins, toilet is equipped with a flowing toilet sanitary disposal.

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Menopause Symptoms
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