What Is SSN Check And How To Perform It?
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SSN stands for Social Security Numbers, so SSN check means performing background check with social security numbers. SSN is nine-digit numbers that is issued to the citizens of United States. This numbers is issued regardless the citizens permanent resident or temporary worker.

With background check by SSN you can find much background information about one person. You can find criminal records of the person, what kind of business activities that he had done in the past, and you can find whether the person is sexual offender or not and many more.

What if you are employer and want to hire new employee? You can do a simple SSN search. You can make sure the applicant and his SSN is a match, at the same time you can also check if the person has a criminal history or not. It might be unfair to judge people based on past history but taking precaution can save you from a lot of problems later on.

Another case where SSN check will be useful is when you are dealing with new property. Let's say you want to buy a new property but you don't know anything about the landowner. SSN search can provide you with property ownership record of the landowner. You can know whether the property that you are interested in has a trouble or not.

How to perform SSN Background Check?

Unfortunately, because information contained in SSN is highly sensitive you might not be able to perform SSN check on your own. The Fair Credit Reporting Act restricts the use of consumer reporting such as SSN to protect the right of the individual.

To perform SSN background check you need to hire company that can do that for you. You might need to pay small fee but you will get many benefits in the long run.

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