What Is Swine Flu H1N1, Swine Flu Epidemic, Swine Flu Pandemic
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Swine Flu is a respiratory disease, caused by a tiny spheroid virus that belongs to the Influenza A virus group (known as H1N1) that is capable of infecting humans, birds and pigs. It is contagious and can be passed from one species (e.g., birds) through an intermediate animal host (e.g., pigs) to a third species (e.g., humans). Although, H1N1 is the same virus that causes seasonal outbreaks of flu in humans, the latest type is different as it is a mutated version containing genetic material that is generally found in strains of the virus that affect humans, birds and pigs.

This time, the flu viruses from humans and pigs have swapped genetic components with each other, and evolved into a completely new variety. It is now a wholly human disease and can be transmitted from person-to-person.

Swine flu virus is genetically different from the human H1N1 seasonal flu virus that has been circulating throughout the world for the past few years. The new virus contains DNA that is typical to avian, swine and human viruses, including elements from European and Asian swine viruses.

The symptoms of swine flu are similar to ordinary flu. The major swine flu symptoms are:

• Fever and chills • Aches and pains • Fatigue, tiredness • Sore throat, scratchy throat • Runny nose • Cough and head congestion

How to protecting yourself against Swine Flu?

Take the below steps to protect yourself against swine flu viruses.

• Wash your hands often with antibacterial soap • Avoid contact with person who shows symptoms of a cold • Keep hand sanitizers with you in case you do not have access to water • People who work in pigs farm should take extra precautions • Avoid group activities or do not go to crowd unless absolutely necessary

If you find that you are showing any flu like symptoms, try to avoid contact with others until you have been examined by a doctor or had tests done. Stay home from school or work, and be sure to keep your nose and mouth covered when you cough or sneeze. Keep complete information about swine flu as this will help you a lot to protect against it.

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