What Is The Best Premature Ejaculation Pill?
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As premature ejaculation means inability to control ejaculation time by a man during intercourse, so the latter is much earlier than the desired time. How soon will take place ejaculation varies depending on the circumstances. For example, there is likely to occur ejaculation during foreplay, immediately after insertion of the penis in the vagina or shortly after.

However, it should be clear that we can not talk about >premature ejaculation if these events are not repeated on a permanent basis in any sexual contact. For example, the phenomenon may appear at first sexual experience a man or even after long-term or prolonged abstinence from sex.


In these cases we can not talk about premature ejaculation, but for a normal psycho-organic, temporary phenomenon. The same applies, of course, in the case of occasional loss of control of the male orgasm.

What causes premature ejaculation?

The first sexual ejaculations are usually in sexual intercourse at a young age. With the development experience and a greater number of sexual relations, a man can achieve absolute control over ejaculations. This security comes with experience, but causes other factors such as anxiety, guilt or fear rejection. It's very rare that premature ejaculation can result from physical illness.

What does my partner for my problem?

Usually the partner has no reason to laugh or to believe something bad about you. Especially when you're time together, married or in a relationship years. Nevertheless, for those who are in their first sexual relationship may be a decisive factor in whether you can be your partner are satisfied or not. Premature ejaculation can be very embarrassing for the man as he is able to satisfy himself or his partner during sexual intercourse. This condition can lead to severe anxiety and depression, which affects the performance and again a man in bed. Become a vicious cycle. However, a person can learn how to prevent premature ejaculation.

Natural Remedies to Help Premature Ejaculation:

• A teaspoon of onion (leek onion) seeds mixed in a glass of water is considered to be effective in treating premature ejaculation. This mixture should be sipped before each meal. • The famous Ginseng is also useful for addressing the situation. Mix half a teaspoon of Ginseng warm goat's milk and should be drunk after lunch and dinner. If goat milk is not available, you can replace it with cow's milk. • Many natural healers believe that premature ejaculation is due to prostate problems. Recommend massaging the perineum area with castor oil in a circular motion at first and then finishing with a massage strokes, starting from the anus and reaches the base of the penis. The massage should be gentle strokes using light. • Chewing two to three pods of garlic daily is useful in the treatment of premature ejaculation. However, be prepared for a smelly mouth! • Mix 150 grams of chopped carrots with half a boiled egg. Add a spoonful of honey. This decoction should be taken once a day for two to three months. • Boil 15 grams of asparagus root to one cup of milk and drink this mixture twice a day to treat your condition.

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