What Is Your Preference In The Metrosexual Indian Male?
Sneha • onGeneral 8 years ago • 3 min read

Women are learning quickly that the metrosexual male is here to stay. A metrosexual male can be found everywhere you look. It could be your neighbor living next door, a celebrity, or even the instructor at the gym. Men have added to their list to obsess about when presenting themselves to others. They have come to realize why a salon is so important and are visiting it more than ever in order to improve their appearance and whatever else they see fit.

It is not only men who enjoy being clean shaven but there are many women who prefer this in their man. Metrosexual men are much different then a typical man. They are worried about how they look at all times and will go to any extreme to make sure they always look good. Their bodies are well maintained and they are not scared to get their face cleaned up so it looks good. There use to be a time when you could open the cupboard and only find shaving cream in it for the man. Now you will find some cosmetics, face creams, etc and they might even have more then you do. In India women are accepting the change in the men and even prefer this look over the normal rugged look.

Even though women have accepted the change in the men it can still be a shocker to see creams, cologne, or even perfumes when you are looking around your man’s room. Some women would prefer their man did not look better then they do. You have always been able to look at women and see their beauty and the extremes they go through to maintain their looks. Now you will see the men doing much of the same things as the women.

There are many women who do not like men who apply cream on their face and lather their body in cologne. These women prefer the man who is rugged and has chest hairs so she can play with them. They want a man who has muscles, jaws that look rustic, and they even want all the normal hair left on his body. A woman wants to be the eye candy on her mans arm. She does not want eye candy on her arm. Many women want a man that will protect them from harm. They do not want a man that is too pretty and will need her to protect them.

Many women are excited because they know the rugged look on a man will never completely fade out. Metrosexual males have experienced a huge transformation. No matter how clean their face may appear they will still get the joy of stubbles and some hair that is unkempt. The metrosexual male look can be over hyped but many women will still prefer this style in their men.

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