What Makes A Person Romantic?
Senoreta • onLove & Harmony 12 years ago • 3 min read

Have you ever considered why different people have different levels of romance? Some couples are so romantic that they will do all sorts of crazy and inconceivable things while for some people just dining out and watching a nice movie is their definition of romance. While it is a fact that romance varies with each and every person and so sometimes we might just be envious of our friend's boyfriend or vice versa. Well to unravel this mystery we have brought for you the answer to this question. Researches in this field believe that there are six basic romantic personality types and so romance varies from person to person. So let us explore and find out what these romantic personality types are and see in which category we fall.

EROS Eros are erotic lovers and they desire a high level of commitment, understanding and passion. The drawback of Eros is that they are dominating in a relationship but they are faithful and give fully and intensely in a relationship. They are highly romantic and are very attractive and beautiful persons.

LUDUS For Ludus love is a game and they are never serious in relationships. Relationships do not have great depth and importance for them. Ludus can never commit themselves in relationships and like to flirt and play around with many. Ludus tends to avoid emotional intensity. Thus they have a tendency to see love as a game which can be played with diverse partners. For them long term relationships are unlikely.

STORGE Storge look at love as pious and pure. Love for them is a great friendship, which can never be broken. For them love is really a deep friendship which is evolving and not a mysterious, mystical emotion. They are very loving, caring and respect their partners. They have unpretentious feeling about love. Storge do not like to haste love. For them love can take a long time to develop and can last a lifetime.

PRAGMA Pragma are the logical, rational and sensible lovers. For Pragma the head is above the heart and thus they always think twice before making any decisions. Pragma would tend to focus on desired attributes of a partner. They do not like to be dependent and so would always plan to settle down in life and then have a serious relationship. Pragma tends to find satisfaction in long term relationships.

MANIA Mania are crazy lovers. Their characteristics are high emotion, very possessive and highly dependent in love. They are highly intensive lovers and for them the whole world revolves round their lovers. They often have hidden low self-esteem and are highly suspicious. Mania tends to be over possessive at times and are capable to being violent lovers. Mania tends to have a lack of satisfaction in relationships.

AGAPE Agape are very tender, gentle and devoted lovers. For them happiness lies in the happiness of their partners and they are ready to endure anything to keep their lover happy. They believe in sacrifice and would rather suffer themselves than let their lover suffer. They are intense lovers and very passionate.



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