What You Should Know About Cancer In Women?
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Cancer is a serious health problem that can affect various body organs. Certain types of cancer seem to affect more in women than men.

Cancer is a serious disease that can affect various body organs. Certain types of cancer seem to affect more women than men. Until recent years, a cancer diagnose was similar to a death sentence. Luckily, the medical science has evolved and treatments are now available, depending on the severity of the disease, on its phase and on individual particularities of the patient.

The most important condition of successfully treating cancer in women is to discover it in its early phases. The sooner the doctor diagnoses you, the higher chances of getting rid of the disease are. Women should never miss regular check-ups and should regularly perform the tests needed to identify cancer.

Although there are types of cancer that only affect women, the most common cancer in women is the lung one. The great majority of cases are determined by smoking, either active or passive. Women need to stay away from this habit and to go to the doctor if they have symptoms like difficulty in breathing, pain in the chest area or cough accompanied by blood.

Breast cancer is also very common in women. Discovered early, it can be treated without major consequences. Unfortunately, many women neglect to go to a mammography and also neglect to perform any self-examination. Periodical screenings are compulsory, especially for women over 40. Breast cancer in women can be of more types and the doctor will identify its nature after examining the growths and will establish the appropriate treatment method.

Other types of cancer in women include the gynecological cancer. This refers to cancer of the ovaries, of the uterus or of the cervix. Cervical cancer can be detected performing a Pap test. All women should take this test regularly. There is also a vaccine that protects young women against the virus that causes cervical cancer. As in all cancer types, if it's discovered in early phases, the treatment has high chances of succeeding. Ovarian cancer is trickier because it has no symptoms. It seems like the risk of developing ovarian cancer is reduced in women who have given birth and increased in elderly women. Cancer in women can affect any part of the reproductive system.

Women over the age of 50 are prone to colorectal cancer. This affects the intestine and it can be cured completely if it's discovered in useful time. Unfortunately, in many cases it's not and colorectal cancer is a major cause of death. Women older than 50 should be tested regularly for this type of cancer.

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