When Cell Phone Becomes Alive,....................
vijay • onDid You Know 9 years ago • 3 min read

My day starts with a look on my mobile screen to check out my special calls and msgs. I get ready and look in my mobile screen than I leave home and catch a train for my office with ear phones plugged so that the hectic journey should conclude peacefully. Than I take an auto to my office again I checkout my cell for any msg or missed call. I reach office and have tea listening music on my phone which makes me more energetic to work.

Than I start my work and as we have lunch time I take my phone and call my girl friend n have a sweet conversation with her, and as I leave office I switch on music in my cell to feel relaxed and as I reach home I take food. Before sleeping I send some msgs to my girlfriend to say her how much I love her...and keep my cell aside me n sleep. The daily count of my msgs was minimum 65 per day 45 with girlfriend and remaining with friends sometimes it crossed 150 msgs per day also.

As usual today I woke up I saw the screen of my cell with few missed calls and msgs. I got ready to leave for my office I caught train than auto and I reached office, I had lunch, I had tea as it’s my daily routine. I left office but forgot to plug my earphones as I was in hurry I saw the bus coming from front I kept my cell in pocket and ran towards the bus to catch it…..it was heavily raining I ran and any how managed to get inside the bus, Finally I got in and bought the ticket and I took a sigh of relief. Now it was the time to listen the music as my body and soul were exhausted just because of whole day struggle.

I inserted my hand in my pocket, suddenly everything became silent, all movements became still, a thunder stroked violently on my heart, cant express what that feeling was as I inserted in my hand in my pocket I found its empty …………..I assured myself don’t worry mobile might be in other pocket or accidentally I have kept it in my bag..But this all proved to be just a fake...Reality was bitter to swallow I LOST MY MOBILE PHONE. Finally I accepted it and some wicked person robbed it along with the joy of life and gave me tears in return….

Still my life is the same as it was but I wake up, silently I get ready, I catch train, I reach office I have tea looking beside me if I can have a look of that buddy who used to make me relaxed by singing songs for me, who helped me in communicating my feelings to my girl friend…..I miss you my friend Nokia e-72 wherever you are come to my hands again. It’s a long story to explain how much I am suffering the pain of loosing it is unexplainable….

I thought by posting this article I can make others alert please pay attention to your cell phone….because thieves now a days have become smarter…so don’t allow anyone to give you such an immense pain as I am feeling and pray to god that I should get it back because no one helps no police neither nokia company but I believe my god may do some miracle….


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