When I Look Into Your Eyes
Sunny • on 13 years ago • 1 min read

Form the bottom of my Heart, I am expressing you my Soul, In Life it can be Cold, when Theres no one left to hold,

You feel stranded all alone, at times you wanna cry, You look around and you, think sit and wonder why,

You put in a position, where happiness if far away, Not even words can say, how hard you struggle everyday,

I can stress you enough, you give me such a rush, when i look into your eyes, My heart begins to pump,

Phenomenal Women, now to you there is no limit I will be there for when you cry, I wont hesitate a minute

Beautiful and Independent, more than a women's worth, Your grace and your style, your just an angel on earth,

At times my heart burns, When i think of your smile, Sit back and look beyond, I will be here for a while,

Smile like the sunrise, My heart is not pretending, When I look into your eyes, I swear i see Heaven...


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