When Rain Wipe Away My Tears
Sunny • on 10 years ago • 1 min read

I Cant Get You out of My head No Matter how i try I Still love You Even when you make me Cry,

I want You in my Arms I want you to be Mine But You don't want me Now You says it's Not our Time,

Relationships are hard Enough But love makes them even Worse Love Makes it hard to give Up Love is a curse,

I Hate the fact I love You And that i cant Get You out of My Mind I hate that every time i think of You My heart flutters and My eyes Cry,

I don't understand how you do this to Me How You make Me want to Die How I dream about you Every Night,

I 'd rather Cry and mope and Whine Than call You to get things Straight Because somewhere in my Heart I know Its already Too Late ..


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