Where To Download And Save Michael Jackson Memorial Service YouTube Video?
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Anderson Cooper, Larry King, Don Lemon and Soledad O'Brien hosted coverage live from Los Angeles, with Campbell Brown and Roland Martin anchoring live from New York, starting at 10:00 AM PT. Singers Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Usher and Lionel Richie, and Motown records founder Berry Gordy, were among those taking part in Michael Jackson's memorial. Civil rights leader Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III, and basketball stars Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant were also among the participants. The service lasted two hours and ended with Jackson's daughter Paris Katherine Jackson taking the microphone to share with the world what her father meant to her. She said, "He was the best father you could ever imagine." She then broke down in tears and was consoled by her aunt Janet Jackson and her uncles, who led her away from the microphone. Two hours was far from enough to pay tribute to Michael Jackson. The king of pop left us but will always live in our heart. The Michael Jackson memorial service YouTube is one of the great to memorize Michael Jackson.

Here is the YouTube website which you could download Michael Jackson memorial service video: • Human Nature - Michael Jackson memorial service • GONE TOO SOON HIGH QUALITY HD • Mariah Carey LIVE performance-Michael Jackson Memorial Service • Shaheen Jafargholi in Michael Jackson Memorial Service • Jermaine Jackson - Smile (Live Performance) @ Michael Jackson's Memorial Service • Michael Jackson's "Memorial Service" Last Video. CNN LIVE. Family 7/7/2009 Learn more about it>>

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Step 1 Download and install Wondershare YouTube Downloader Step 2 Activate YouTube Downloader and watch or play Michael Jackson video on YouTube. YouTube Downloader will sniff the playing video automatically, and then a pop-up window will ask you to download videos or skip. Once you select “Record”, the program will start to download it. So soon Thriller YouTube and Beat it YouTube it will be your collections. You just need two steps to download Michael Jackson memorial service YouTube with Wondershare YouTube Downloader. Download it now.

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