Whether Masturbation Is Not Healthy For A Relationship
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In the following story many women will recognize themselves. A 30-year-old woman - was married March 3 years ago - comes home earlier than expected. Her husband has started jogging and then takes a shower. The woman wants to surprise her husband and sneaks into the bathroom. She can not believe her eyes: her husband is busy masturbating. She's just bang, but then decides to silence the place of the action to leave.

But then the questions arise: is her husband no longer attractive?, She can no longer satisfy him sexually?, He dreams of other women masturbating? Such momentum does not have to run it all. Chances are good that the man was quite pleased with his wife and his marriage. He finds it, but sometimes nice to do to masturbation. Why does he have if his wife is away from home? Quite simply, he fears that the wrong way they will react when they see him masturbate.


In the past, regarded masturbation as something perverse. Children had their hands over the sheets to sleep while their parents anxiously kept an eye on what was happening to them safe and sound asleep. Obviously this could not prevent son was still masturbate when he saw the opportunity before. Blood is thicker because it is not true.

Within the Catholic Church was masturbating described as the "sin of self-abuse ', to those who perpetrated it, had in any case go to confession? The result was that masturbation was forced into illegality. Especially schools and barracks - where boys were together day and night - golden as places busy masturbating was made. No doubt that is true has been. The question is whether there's anything wrong with that. We believe not, masturbating integral part of the male (the female, but that's another story) sexuality.

In the 50 years of last century sexologist Alfred Kinsey conducted pioneering work around masturbation. He concluded that men and women who had learned to properly masturbate a better sex life (including better orgasms) experienced with their partners. This was the first big taboo, but the general conception was that masturbation was finally something unhealthy. Only in the 70 years of last century showed that masturbation is not unhealthy, probably quite the contrary.

Within a relationship should masturbate place to play, both men and women must be allowed to masturbate. Women in particular are sometimes difficult to remember all their man masturbating to imagine, they still experience it as a form of infidelity when the man committed suicide strikes. That it is not. It may even be that the woman can benefit from a man masturbating, for example when she herself is recovering from a pregnancy and a bit less sex is. In addition, most families the desire for sex unevenly distributed: one partner has more sex drive than others. Those with more sense, though masturbating find compensation for the missed sex.

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