Which Bike Should You Buy In India?
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There are many factors which need to be considered while buying a bike in India and while finances are undoubtedly a concern some of the other important factors are features, driving comfort, fuel efficiency and maintenance costs. In this regard, two names which come to mind are that of Bajaj and Honda both of which have been around for local users for quite some time now.

Bajaj has been the love of common man ever since its introduction and after having established itself every Indian’s aspirations, it made its foray on the technological front through its first 150 cc bike, the Pulsar. Costing between Rs.55000 to Rs.60000, the Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc has been designed with the heavy urban traffic in mind and therefore embodies strength while giving a respectable mileage at the same time.

The Pulsar is characterized by 4-stroke engine with ExhausTEC technology, headlights reminiscent of a wolf, snag seats, anti excise tank pads, an improved exhaust system and a large carburetor. An improvement is the provision of sports clips on both handles and sleek looks both of which have contributed significantly to the widespread popularity of this bike thus prompting the company to further upgrade it to 180 cc and 220 cc as well. Coming from a company which boasts of indigenous manufacture, this bike truly reflects the popular slogan ‘Hamara Bajaj’.

Another strong contender for the position of popular bike in India is the Honda Unicorn 150 cc bike priced at Rs.60000/-. With the intention of appealing to the upcoming generation, Honda decided to offer this bike in a series of colors style and looks. However this bike is not just based on the beautiful curves but it has been known to deliver in terms of performance as well in terms of driving comfort and stability. Features like the mono suspension technology, digital CDI ignition and inclusion of the CV carburetor make this bike good value for money amongst all the other bikes in India.

These two bikes in India are specially suited for the new generation and as people take to roads in India bikes are one of the best options available for them in terms of safety, adventure and comfort. A search through the Internet based on the keywords ‘India bikes’ is sufficient to provide the user with ample results and information pertaining to these two brands as well as models like features, prices, dealers network, guarantee/warranty and so on.

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