Which Color Rose To Give On Valentinesday????
samatha • onLove & Harmony 9 years ago • 2 min read

When it comes to love and passion, roses are truly the most significant gesture. However, earlier, you want to say sorry, you would send a red rose; you want to propose, you give a red rose; you want to congratulate someone, you send red roses. But it could get so confusing, couldn't it?

These days, thanks to research, and newer ways to grow roses, you can get the flower in so many shades that you'll find it difficult to choose from. But did you know that different coloured roses signify different feelings? Take a look at this.

Purple or lilac rose This Valentine's is the perfect day to proclaim your love. And what better way to do it than with a purple rose, signifying love at first sight? To some, purple also means having a sense of protection and faith.

Green rose One of the most exotic and rare colour of roses to date, green signifies a sense of calm and peace.

Coral rose If your love is moving toward the naughty side, a coral rose should be an ideal gift. Coral signifies love coupled with desire.

Orange rose An orange rose indicates celebration and merriment and is a good mix with the coral rose.

Blue rose Another rare and exquisite colour, this rose signifies mystery or secrecy.

Yellow rose So you have your love life all settled out. But what about all those buddies/chums, whom you like so much? Send yellow roses that signify friendship and companionship, happiness and a sense of free will.

Pink roses So you want to thank your landlord for being so patient with you? Send pink roses. These signify gratefulness, and a thankfulness to have that person in your life.

Deep red or black Want to let her know that you are 'a slave' for her? A deep red or black rose should do the trick!

White roses There is a reason why white roses are so popular during weddings and special occasions. And why not? White signifies purity and innocence, prudence and humility. So, take your pick from the bunch and do something different this Valentine's Day.



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