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Which character are you? Do you have a narrow upper body, but wide hips? Or save the fat around your waist but keep your legs spindle legs? And what clothes you wear your best strong point and weaknesses to hide?

Apple If you have an apple shaped figure... * Your legs are pretty slim. * save your fat around your waist * You have narrow hips * You usually have bigger breasts and broad shoulders.

To train your character, you better do abdominal exercises. The fat is in this place is dangerous for health.

Abdominal Exercises

Exercise 1 Lie on your back with your hands behind your head. Pull your legs up to an angle of 90 degrees. Move your upper body up and down muscles to tighten. Concentrate on your abs. Does this exercise every day, 4x12 repetitions? You get and keep a tight stomach.

Exercise 2 To train your lower - and upper abdominal muscles. Lie on your back with your legs bent. Place your hands behind your head and bring your shoulders off the floor and go back down. Bring the left and right elbow to your right and left knee. Do the exercise 10 times and a half minutes rest between exercises.

Clothing apple figure You do not want to dwell on your abdomen. Avoid tight shirts and tops. Wear loose clothes like blouses and tops with cleavage. Let your legs look more decisive action to help. In terms of pants and skirts, a lower waist recommended.

Celebrities with apple figure Apple -known figures are Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff and Jesica Simpson.

Pear -shaped figure The characteristics of a pear figure: * A nice, flat stomach * A slim waist * Hips are wider than the shoulders * Shoulders are fairly narrow * Breasts are relatively smaller * Thighs are thicker * Buttocks and thighs to the high side.

Exercises pear figure Best thing to do exercises that train muscles, such as cycling. The fat in this place is pretty stubborn, so you’ll be hard to train.

Clothing pear figure Figure out your relationship because you have a narrow upper body and a wide lower body. Heels providing long, slender legs. Shoulder pads in a blower creates more money. Wear clothes tops, T - shirts with a busy print, so that the focus, not on your legs or buttocks. The hourglass figure The hourglass figure is considered as the ideal figure. An hourglass meets the following characteristics:

* A definite waist
* A fat throughout the body
* Small to normal breast
* The hips are in proportion to the shoulders

Clothing hourglass figure It is best to accentuate your waist by a waist belt. Tight shirts are fine. Trousers with high waist also put emphasis on your waist. You look slimmer this.

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Hourglass Figure


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