Who Are KCR's Ancestors?
Sunny • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

After the heated exchange of words between the Andhra and the Telangana leaders, the Uttarandhra (North Andhra) leaders have revived the slogan "KCR Bobbili Bhago". It is a well known fact that KCR is of Padmanayaka Velama caste. The Padmanayaka Velamas are still now more in Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts followed by Karimnagar district. History tells that due to drought in North Andhra around 300 years back, the Padmanayaka Velamas migrated in large numbers to the Telangana regions especially the Velamas with Bollineni, Rao, Kotagiri, and Kalvakunta surnames. And that is how the majority of Padmanayaka Velamas in Telangana came from. But even before 300 years back there were some Padmanayaka Velamas, but they were very less in number.

Even now there are matrimonial relations between the Padmanayaka Velamas of North Andhra and the Telangana regions. Today several people from North Andhra including the Velama union have slammed KCR for forgetting his roots. They said that KCR's grandparents and great grandparents used to come to North Andhra for business purpose till 40 years back. They said that KCR and his relatives are the real "Backstabbers" by speaking against his own North Andhra people. They also showed proof that KCR's ancestors were from Buddipeta village in Sitanagaram mandal of the present Vizianagaram district. Even now the people with Kalvakunta surname to which KCR belongs live there.

They have asked KCR to come back to North Andhra and leave the innocent Telangana people especially the BCs and the SC/STs alone, whom the Velama Doras have been harassing for centuries together.



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  • Ram Jaffa 4 years ago
    KCR is from a small family. Please dont connect him to the glorious recharla family. Its true that recharla family ruled telangana from 13th century to 15 century and migrated to coastal region to escape the muslim invaders. Present descendants of recharla family include Maharajas of venkatagiri, nellore district; Rajas of Kollapur, Jetprole mahboob nagar; pithapuram and kolanka rajas east godavari; bobilli rajas vizianagaram; mylavaram krishna district and other small zamindaris throughout the state. KCR family is booradha family cant be compared to any of these families. Please!