Who Is Crazy
Shilpa • on 11 years ago • 1 min read

Here I sit in my little world A little room with big bars Watching life pass me by While I sit and watch the stars. They wake me up in the morning And give me pills to keep me quiet Must think I'm awful dangerous Maybe I'll start a riot.

Why should I do such a foolish thing They feed me and bathe me And take such good care Why would I ever want out of here. To live alone in a very cruel world Spending my life in a job that I hate Knowing I won't eat If I'm a few minutes late. People killing each other for no reason There is no love for mankind man out there Only those with prejudice and hate They could only guess at what is fair. So let me think for a minute I get to sit around here and be lazy Because they take care of all my needs I've got news for you, I think I'd rather be crazy.


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