Who Saved Us From Recession?
Ragini Khanna • onInformation 9 years ago • 2 min read

India was one of least affected country in recession and we were able keep our sensex moving upwards except for a period of 2-3 months.

The most important reason is our Parents and our guardians. You might be thinking , how come Guardians are able hold the Sensex !!!!! Yes that's true..

In India , Each and Every Father/Mother who is capable of feeding his/her children, do save money for himself and also for kids as a long term investment.Our Parents always kept a track of money , how they are utilizing their limited resources for their family.They feed their kids in all possible ways till their death (in most cases).Not like the most western countries and European countries where after the primary graduation many kids have to look for their own expenses in their own way.

So its the money saving psychology of our parents which was ultimately holding the economy in each and every home and therefore controlled the Sensex to go further down.Not like today's young generation who never care about long term investments and think that its just wasting of money.

Another point , We know money is approximately equal to gold and India is also one of top 10 consumer of gold in whole word,so its ultimately the economy which we are holding now across the world.

So friends , as soon as you get a job or people who are in job and till now haven't saved money in any way , Start saving money , for your self, for your next generation and for your country.because if our parents wouldn't have saved something for us we would have been in the same place where several European countries are , which are bankrupt.

Hope to change atleast some minds here. > One last thing on a smiling note - I am not an insurance advisor or a Insurance agent.So dont ask me for any investment plans. > This was "Jan Hit me Jari"



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