julia • onGeneral 12 years ago • 3 min read

Why….. Why do broken hearts take time to heal again? Why is it that love courses me so much pain? Why does my mind still have images of you? Why do you lie and say you love me too? Why do I cry every time you call? Why do I think we have nothing at all. Why does life make you go through hurt? Why touch fire when you know you’ll get burnt. Why feel pain and never recover forever, Why leave me here when we r meant 2 b together. Why pray to god when u know he’s there, Why think to yourself what u cant see will not care. Why kill yourself when you have much to live for, Why pretend your not hurt when u feel so much more. Why be someone else when your just as beautiful, Why have a voice when no1 can hear you call. Why have a heart when all it does it break, Why have eyes when tears are all they make. Why have legs when I cant run to where you are, Why have body when all it is it one big scar. Why have arms when I cant wrap them around you, Why have hands when you slip away that’s all they make me do. Why have a mind when all it does is confuse things, Why have fingers when you cant wear wedding rings. Why have pride when all it makes you do is wrong, Why have a soul when you feel empty all along. Why love anyone when you cannot be loved back, Why see the world as being so full when there is a lack. Why miss someone and know you’ll see them again, Why remember things when you know they’ll remain. Why do something stupid when your feeling bad, Why make sum1 smile when they’ll always feel sad. Why be happy when there’s so much to cry for, Why be perfect and still feel insecure Why make an effort when in the end you’ll fail, Why trust your friends when all they do is betrayal. Why keep memories when they’ll never erase from your mind? Why search for something you know you cant find. Why cry yourself to sleep when you have no tears left? Why steel sum1’s heart and claim its not theft. Why go to bed when you will be up all night, Why try to see something when it’s no where in sight. Why adore someone when they don’t adore you too? Why dream of pure paradise when it will never come true. Why try to make people notice u when they see your not there, Why care for your loved ones when they do not care. Why love sum1 when u r left with a broken heart, And why beat yourself up when loves tearing you apart!?!?


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