Why Bollywood Babes Adopt Only Girls But Not Boys?
Priyamani • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 2 min read

Our favorite leading ladies have mommy fever it seems and that to specifically for a beautiful baby girl. Sushmita Sen is of course the most well known for her motherly duties especially now that she's the mother of not one but two beautiful little girls.

Then there's the very so bubbly Preity Zinta, who is as charming as a little girl herself, took on a more serious role in life when she adopted 34 orphaned girls on the occasion of her birthday last year and now takes care of all their needs from clothing, to food and to education. Why girls? Well Sushmita's argument was, "In India when everybody is giving up the girl child, there’s a huge majority of girl child in orphanage.

Even if I choose to adopt a third child, it will be a girl. When I’ll give birth biologically I won’t have choice anyway and I’d be happy to have a son then." Whilst Preity commented more on the joy in the aftermath of adoption of all the girls and said, "Ive adopted 34 girls. I've been looking after their entire upbringing from education to food, clothes etc. You've no idea how wonderful it feels to hear the excited chatter of all these girls together."

However, the latest diva to step on this baby girl fever bandwagon is our very own Bebo! It seems in a recent interview Kareena was quite vocal about her planned family life and even went on to say that she'd love to have a girl when she begins her family. One can imagine that Bebo's decision is rather well researched since she's shared plenty of precious moments with niece Samaira (Karishma's daughter) who is rather fond of her favourite aunt.

Well, whether Bebo takes this little bit of desire to a new level like Preity and Sushmita is something that only time will tell!



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