Why Can Not I Orgasm?
Dr. Mital John • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 4 min read

The climax is somewhat elusive. But if you learn to correct some simple mistakes, you can reach orgasm more often.

Sometimes it seems that as your partner starts to finish the race, your orgasm is declared offside. But instead of feeling frustrated after sex, perhaps it is time to change the odd little thing to give you the absolute bonus.

Sometimes the woman herself unwittingly prevents their own sexual enjoyment.

It is she who must be responsible for their orgasms and not depend on man to be him who does all the work. Why


  1. Sexual Error:

Pushing the previous game: Never rush the warm up! Sometimes it happens to you that he is crazy to the point, but you're not ready yet, you feel bad you're getting all the pleasure while turning engines, when your partner can not complete yet and afraid to lose the excitement.

Maybe you think it's a long time that you spend excitándote, but the truth is that it is the right time and believe me, your partner does not mind! The truth is that on the contrary, will fire more and more.

Both increase their levels of desire. You'll be ready to explode with pleasure. And he is so anxious that his orgasm is 10 times better.

  1. Sexual Error:

Distracted: Distracted during sex is the easiest thing to do, desgraciadamentel. Thoughts like: "Can I see big belly?" To "Turn off the heat?" I deconcentrated and once that happens say goodbye to orgasm...

The brain registers sensations and releases chemicals that help the pleasure.

Any distraction can trigger impulses that conflict with your feelings and therefore diminish the pleasure.

So what to do when in the middle of the act comes into your head the list of tasks left undone in the office or you need to do laundry? First, reconnect your body, pay attention to what you feel, see how you respond, even changes position to regain the sexual rhythm.

Another solution is to breathe slowly and deeply, using your abdomen. As well as you breathe trying to sync your inspirations with your partner, it can reconnect your attention on your body and reconnect with him.

  1. Sexual Error:

Ignore your point C: All advertising is going to the famous G-spot , but your true epicenter of the clitoris erotic: Point C. This is the real culprit in your pleasure during sex. There are more nerve endings in the clitoris throughout the vagina, therefore, would be rare that women get an orgasm without stimulation in that area.

Recommendation: Take the woman on top position, arch your body into it and rub your clitoris against his pelvis. If you are in sexual position missionary, try to keep your legs together and tight as you move your hips in a circular. Thus he stimulates your clitoris while making thrusting. In addition, these positions will create friction between the labia and clitoris, which increases the feeling of pleasure.

  1. Sexual Error:

Forget urinate: In the heat of the moment may overlook your desire to urinate, but the problem is when you stimulate the G spot and then you feel those uncontrollable desire to urinate, bladder making you feel that your will and to empty at any time, you do not know like asking your partner a time out to go to the bathroom but can not stand!. Your senses are clouded, your brain focuses on the bladder overflowing and there he is! Your sex drive is stopped and died; now reconnect, it seems impossible.

By stimulating the G spot is normal to feel urge to urinate, since this particular corner is surrounded by the Scene glands, which are connected to the bladder. So feel any contact to urinate, although not actually have. This obviously makes you tense and kills the climax.

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