Why Do Women Date Rich Men
Raj Yadav • onMating & Dating 12 years ago • 3 min read

Very often it is found that women loves to date with financially strong men. Just as a dog gets atttracted towards bones, men gets attracted towards beautiful women similarly women are attracted to males who have the most resources and the ability to manipulate and distribute those resources. Question like why? may arise. Women nowadays are becoming very choosy in selecting their partner while dating and has stopped believing in ‘love at first sight’. They do a lot of study before dating and gives the priority to those who are well off with their resources. You might start questioning yourself Are women really that stunningly superficial? Yes, because in this fast everchanging world money is everything. Even you, yourself will not be able to date peacefully if your wallet is light or if you have a hole in your pocket. By now, you will probably be serious about dating that needs a massive amount of cash in the bank.

Though the word resources has different meanings in different cultures, but money is the number one resource particularly in the western world, in other countries it may differ. In a psychological study in the 90’s participants were asked to rate the most important attributes that one would want to have in a potential sexual partnerand surprisingly it was found that among the top ten attributes ‘ABILITY’ to earn was holding the first position. The word ‘Wealth’ did not even get the position in top ten. Daters who do not have massive resources may count themselves among the luckiest if they can atleast prove that they have the ability to generate wealth in future. Women dating online seek for those partners who are well off financially and also who possess the ability to generate wealth.

Remember that, if you pretend to have money or that you do posess the ability to earn more while dating would lead to some tricky situations. You have to demonstrate your ability when dating. How much easier is it to demonstrate the ability to earn? It all depends on your behaviour and onversation when dating. To demonstrate your ability to earn when dating does not require displaying your wealth right on the spot but expressing the qualities of being ambitious that will enable you to acquire and generate wealth in the future.Ability to earn is a very highly desirable quality beside other qualities like confidence, generosity, intelligence, and enthusiasm that women seek in men when dating. Therefore men who possess these qualities are elligible for smooth dating.

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  • Guest 8 years ago
    I have been tired of being unattractive to loser, which in desperation led me to become a drug dealer. I am starting to see results now with women but there are still many women who are just not interested because they are used to dating drug dealers who pull in more money than I do. It's so frustrating. I often wonder why I even bother, but nothing compares to love, and having the love of a beautiful woman is so appealing that it is worth fighting for.