Why Increase In Sperm Count Is Necessary
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Around the world millions of men in male infertility or infertility, which is closely associated with the sperm count? For fertilization of an egg one sperm is needed, however, a single sperm cell is completely inadequate to secure the fertilization. For a successful conception, increase the sperm count is necessary.

Most people associate sex with seeds, which was to some extent, although the sperm is really only one more body fluid. Scientifically, the semen is regarded as a carrier. It transports the sperm from the male body into the female reproductive system and has refrained from reproducing any other use.

The number of sperm in the semen is the most important factor in conception. With an increase in sperm counts is the sex life improved.

A normal male has a sperm count of around 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen. The design, it is necessary to show that at least 60% of normal sperm shape and move forward with normal mobility can.

If this number is below 60%, an increase in sperm count is necessary. If the numbers of healthy sperm below 60% are available, one could consider an increase in sperm count is necessary.

Although this number is the optimum, it is also possible to have for men with low sperm number of children. The chances of conception but would be higher if the sperm generally in normal form or has a higher sperm count. The only way to determine if you have a low sperm count is to make a medical examination by an urologist.

Such evaluations are usually given by qualified urologist, can make recommendations to improve the sperm count.

If you have a low sperm count, you should take action because a lack can potentially interfere with your ability to fertilize. Although there is no direct prescription to increase the sperm count, there are a number of non-conventional methods. Some of these methods are listed below: (A) The frequency of sexual intercourse and masturbation reduce. To increase the sperm count, wait at least 3 days between successive ejaculations. Although it may mean less sex, it will definitely increase the sperm count, and the chances for successful fertilization. (B) Avoid smoking and alcohol as these impacts on liver function, which increases estrogen levels. The increase in estrogen levels may affect the production of sperm. You have to hold estrogen levels under control in order to increase the sperm count. (C) Eat healthy! A diet that is low in fat and rich in protein, vegetables and grains, improves health and promotes the increase in sperm count. (D) The sperm production is prevented by too warm testicles. Are the heating testicular spermatozoa impedes their production capacity. How to keep your testicles cool and relaxed, if you want to increase the sperm count. (E) Are you fit again, if you are overweight, it can lead to an imbalance of the hormones testosterone and estrogen, which affects the sperm count. Keep those hormones under control. (F) Try natural supplements that support an increase in sperm count.

Natural food supplements to help the sperm count and sexual abilities increase. Even in antiquity, natural, herbal supplements to increase libido and sexual performance were used. Your vitality is enhanced by food, which also leads to an increase in sperm count.

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