Why Is Kavitha Crying?
Shilpa • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

Why is Kavitha crying?

Kavitha, the daughter of KCR is leading a relentless battle against the films in which the heroes are from the Andhra region. Since last two days she has been running from one TV channel to another TV channel and also she has been crying a lot at her house these days. People who were observing her say that her talk is filled with jealousy.

Till couple of days back her father KCR was the uncrowned hero in Andhra Pradesh. He was the talk of the town and none in Andhra Pradesh spent their day without mentioning or talking about him. So much so that he has over taken every other leader or film hero in popularity.

But now that position is being overtaken by NTR. Already many people are eagerly waiting for the Adurs movie. So much so that many people are forgetting about KCR and now talking about NTR.

Now she got very jealous that NTR is overtaking the popularity of KCR and that is why she has been crying in all TV channels to stop the screening of NTR's film in the Telangana region. So much so that many people feel sorry for her and this shows her love for her father and also her jealousy for other. People only wish that she would see every person as father, brother and sister instead of crying when others gain success.



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