Why Talking Dirty Can Spice Up Your Sex Life
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

The best aphrodisiac is that of a sexual fantasy, it's powerful and enticing. It lets the mind wander to places that are often thought of as taboo and forbidden. Nonetheless acting out a sexual fantasy is one of the best ways to spice up your sex life spice up your sex life and get your engines purring again.

When a couple has been in a relationship for a long time they know each other so well that their sex lives often become boring. The couple uses same sexual positions, same foreplay, even the same conversation afterwards.

Unfortunately, for many couples this is the end of the road. Their eyes start to wander, next then their minds and many times their bodies will follow. This scenario doesn’t have to happen to you.

You can easily start to spice up your sex life by learning to talk dirty to each other. Believe it or not you already do some “dirty talking” during sex. The first misconception about talking dirty is that you have to say raunchy things to your lover. This is not true you can say sweet, loving things and achieve the same goals. When you tell your lover that you love them or that you couldn’t live without them, these are perfect examples of talking dirty without using nasty words that some men and women would find offensive.

Chances are you and your lover have been together long enough to know what words would be okay to use in bed and which words would get your face slapped or a stunned look and a quick end to a night of romance.

If you’re not sure what those words are then you need to talk about it. If talking about it is not an option then start out slowly and use appropriate words and phrases then slowly ease your way in to more sexy words.

Once you learn which words are acceptable then try adding a small fantasy to the mix. Start by asking your lover if they have a sexual fantasy (everyone does!) Use dirty talk to try and fulfill that fantasy.

If your lover has a fantasy about being caught in the act you could simply pretend you’ve been caught. The dirty talk you would use to act out this fantasy could range from a simple “What are you doing in here?!” Or if you’re a little more daring “Do you mind we are trying to (fill in the blank) in here!” Sexy words that work as well. The important part is to remember it’s a fantasy and the words you use to make it effective must coincide with acceptable words your lover will not be offended by.

The most important thing you can do to spice up your sex life is allow yourself to be comfortable and enjoy yourself. If you’re tense or nervous it will feel awkward and defeat the purpose. Just relax and let the words flow and forget that you’re “trying” to spice up your sex life. No one performs well under pressure!


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