Why To Choose Drupal For CMS Website Development?
Suresh Kumar • onIt & Systems 8 years ago • 3 min read

In today's time, websites have become a lot more than a mere medium of retrieving information. They have become the backbone of businesses and help to establish a business online. Be it the paucity of time, or preference, people love to shop online. This has resulted in a big boom in the field of website development. Today, CMS web development has attained a great degree of popularity among website owners. Among others, Drupal is one of the most preferred CMS.

Drupal, which is an open source CMS makes use of a of a database to include all the web site's content, then combines the textual content with an internet site template design to create perfect web site pages. It allows the website owner to log in and control the entire website. One can create menus, include modules and new pages.

One of the main reasons why Drupal development is preferred by not only the individual site owners but also the web designing companies, is because of Drupal's large active community and new techniques to exploit its modular architecture, to create interactive and user-friendly sites.

With its abundant and flexible features, Drupal web design is conducive for a variety of websites. It can be used for -Corporate websites -E-commerce websites -Small enterprise websites -Private websites -Online publishing -Online magazines and newspapers and many more

Drupal's versatility is a big factor behind its widespread popularity. It provides a million of modules or mini components. Drupal arms your website with many alternative capabilities-from social networking to e-commerce and more. Some of the reasons why you should choose Drupal for your website are:

-It is easy to use and update. The website owner can manage the editing on his own. One does not require technical knowledge to handle Drupal.

-It is a reliable and secured CMS. The large Drupal community of drupal developers and designers continues with the extensive work to improve it further.

-It makes your website search engine friendly as the search engine spiders are allowed to read the whole content.

-It makes use of Apache's mod_rewrite to make the urls SEO friendly, which is helpful in easy indexing of pages.

-It offers over 4,600 modules to offer a number of thrilling website features.

Thus, it is clear that why most of the site owners and web designing companies prefer Drupal over other CMS. The variety of features and benefits it offers are simply unmatched.


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    Yes Every business must have a web presence, There is no other way better than this to market your products or services. E-commerce Website can really bring an enhancement.