Why Use A Dietitian?
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Befor we can answer the question of why we need a dietitian, we must first ask ourselves, who is a dietitian and how can he help us. A dietitian is someone like a doctor who studies your body’s metabolic rate, your body’s ratio of calorie-in to calorie-out and measures your body’s energy needs. With this information, the dietitian can prescribe a diet or a food plan for you to follow in order to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Dietitians form a essential part of our weight loss procedures. They help analyse how much weight you need to lose and recommend how you should do it.

There are pros and cons to using a dietitian. For one, you will have to confide your body’s reaction to various kinds of food and how your appetites are shaped to a complete stranger. He will have knowledge on how your body works and wil design a diet plan that is suitable for you. On the up side, the diet plan that he gives you should be flawless if you manage to follow it through.

This is because of the highly sophisticated knowledge they have in field of nutrition and food. They are required to take up courses on chemistry, biochemistry and physiology. These are courses that teach you which nutrients are in which part of the food. Additionally, they are also well versed with the percentage of nutrients in each food stuff. This is what sets them apart from nutritionists who are only involved with the study of nutrients.

Furthermore, they have to take up a national level examination which tells them that they are open to set up their own practice or to work for hospitals or health care centers. This makes them a national authority on the topics of nutrition and food. It is easy to look one up on the Yellow pages or the Internet and find one near your area. On your first session, you will be tested for your metabolic rate and other data which is needed for the preparation of your diet plan. After that, you will be given a plan with the food items you are supposed to eat and those that you are not.

So, If you feel that you need help becoming healthy and fit, then start looking for a dietitian near your house today. You will not regret taking the decision when you live life longer and fuller.

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