Why Your Computer Running At A Snail’s Pace?
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Have you ever met these moments as you really want to throw your computer against the wall because you get the blue screen of death when you in the middle of fighting those MVP’s in your favorite online games, or the browser becomes more slower than usual or even no response when you just upload the video files on the YouTube, or you computer system crashed when you collect the important working data files that wasn’t to be saved yet .etc? Before you treat your computer as a trash, just hold on to think again, why your PC runs so tardily?

Common causes and solutions for a PC running slowly

There are many reasons caused the slow PC, maybe your PC affected by one or more. Basically there three categories can cause a slow PC that they are software, hardware and virus issues. As many people have been asking on the ask & answer websites or forums why their PC is slow, so, today we would like to list the common causes for your slow PC and also try and help you out.

Part 1: For the software cause 1. Startup overload Time after time, as you add more and more programs on your PC, they are automatically and quietly adding themselves into your Windows start-up folder or even on a hidden area of your Windows star-up system without ask an agreement of you. Therefore, the more programs load on your PC start-up, the slower of your PC startup. Therefore, you should limit the number of start-up programs that is will considerably speed up your PC boot and increase overall system performance.

  1. Improperly BIOS setting Moreover, the improperly BIOS settings can impact your PC performance. Normally, the BIOS settings are quite universal, while others can be found on only the systems made with one type of BIOS or made by one manufacturer. This section lists the most common settings that are used in modern PCs, with full explanations as to what they are and how to set them.

  2. Bloated windows registry Over time people tend to install more and more software, and there are also a lot of registry becomes cluttered with redundant data when people use their PC again and again. Here, you just need a kind of Registry optimizer & Cleaners utilities that attempt to remove configuration data from the Windows Registry that is no longer in use or that is unwanted on the system. To clean the registry and optimize PC speed, you can find the best system optimizer on the market today. You do need to check online reviews if you are going to buy one of them.

Part 2: For the hardware cause Apart from software problems like startup overload or bloated registry files, there are also a number of hardware issues that can cause your PC to run slowly. Meaning while, the most common of these is lack of memory (RAM).

  1. Insufficient memory RAM is a primarily responsible for your PC speed performance. Nowadays, the operating systems and applications require more and more capacities of PC memory. Memory upgrade is another method for you increase the PC performance. However, if your PC RAM is already at the maximum that the motherboard can support but it is still slow, you may need to buy a new motherboard with higher RAM support.

  2. Badly Fragmented Hard Drive After a long-time use, the files on your PC can be scattered over your hard drive that means your PC lead a badly fragmented hard drive and consume more and more time for you searches file than usual. However, Windows have a built-in tool to help you with hard drive fragmentation:
  3. Step 1: Double-click My Computer
  4. Step 2: Right click C drive (usually C) on the pop-out window, and then click properties
  5. Step 3: Select Tools tab and choose the Defragment Now option and follow the step by step instructions.

  6. For the CPU problem 1> CPU running in low power mode You might be running your CPU in low power mode which will reduce the clock speed. So, just check the BIOS setting or the power settings in the windows control panel for this. 2> CPU is too hot You CPU might be overheating and then throttling down to a slow speed, especially on summer days. So, please check your fans, heat sinks and CPU temperature. Always clean out any dust to prevent the fan outlets to be obstructed.

Part 3: For the Spyware & Viruses cause Spyware & Viruses and other mal-ware is another reason for a slow PC. As the virus is notoriously known to eat up a lot of system resources, so you PC will become more and more slowdown. In surfing the internet, you are inevitable infect these viruses. Therefore, get a good antivirus and anti-spyware scanning program like Spyware Removal to remove these and then help to increase the PC performance.

These are the most prevalent reasons for a slow PC. However, they are not listed in any particular order or by their gravity. We hope we have been clear enough for you to understand these reasons and get to know how to fix them. Finally, we do hope you can enjoy a faster and healthier PC after you read this article.


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