Will Karisma Make A Comeback…?
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When we met Karisma recently, needles to say the punjaban was glowing. Don't expect Karisma to be pally-pally, and she won't disappoint you. The gorgeous girl was her polite self. We first congratulate her on her now 'mommy' status. “Thanks, you guys” she smiles. “I feel ecstatic. But the feeling is slowly sinking in” How has the Kapoor household reacted to the latest addition? we ask. “Well, everyone is overjoyed. And dad is over the moon' she says with an emotional sting. Since she prefers to shut off too much discussion about the recent born, the talk now deflects to her obsession, work.

So Lolo, how does it feel for a workaholic like you to take a long snooze as this one? “Hey know what, it doesn't feel that bad!” she smiles. “I have been working from the age of 15…” The number hits you like a bolt. When most of us would be exchanging tiffin-boxes in school, Karisma was shuttling between studios.

She continues, “My career was going at break neck speed. Also I was going a lot of films like Fiza, Zubeida & Shakti that took an emotional toll at me. These films were extremely demanding both physically and emotionally” she narrates us with the fervor of a newcomer. Very exacting, we add. “Right. That's when I realized that I needed a break. Had to recharge my creative batteries. Marriage happened at the right moment, we say, “Yeah” she smiles.

“And I was very much on the scene. When films weren't happening, I was busy with my serial, 'Karisma- The Miracle of Destiny'. Besides which I have recently signed up for Eros jewellery.” she recounts. So it's not been like I was completely off work” she emphasizes. We remind her that the long in making, 'Mere Jeevan Sathi' releases this year “Oh yes, I am very glad that its finally going to theatres. So there, you'll see a lot more of me this year” she assures her fans.

So would she tag that as her comeback vehicle? “Mere Jeevan Sathi was a film that I signed much before the wedding bells rang. I am glad that it is releasing but that doesn't make it my comeback, Lolo clarifies. So when is the damsel going to stage a detour? “Well I am scurrying through a couple of scripts. And the moment I chance upon a project that interests me, I am all for it. So does that officially squash rumors about her alleged retirement from films? “Absolutely. I am not going anywhere. One good script and I am back with my makeup and arclights” she laughs. “Cinema won't leave me, just the way I can't leave cinema,” the passionate actor says with a sparkle.

The one thing that always confuses Karisma

“Shoes!” she laughs. Sitting in an icy blue salwar suit, Karisma looks relaxed and chilled. “Yeah. It's kind of weird but that's the fact' she admits sipping on some chilled lemonade. “It just so happens that I am perpetually confused about my footwear” she laughs light.

“And Manish (Malhotra) hates me for this” says the light eyed actress. We find it a little tough to accept that the trendiest actress is saying this, “But that remains the fact. Suppose I have an event to attend or an occasion has come forth, I am very sure about my outfit, accessories, hair all of that but say shoes, and I am all freaked out. I just can't decide” she amuses us.

Any particular incident that is still fresh with her? “Hmm…Okay there was this one time in 2001 when I was to attend the Filmfare awards. I was dressed in a stunning ink blue one-piece number, my hair was fixed but it was nightmare time. I had asked for a silver pair of shoes to be bought but it wasn't delivered for some reason. Now I was a freak ball. I just couldn't decide what I should use”

“Finally, I buzz Manish. He's my SOS, you know” Lolo says fondly. “He arrives at my place in the 30 minutes flat. And what do you know, the guy has picked me a pair of footwear from one of my films!” she laughs, her blue eyes dancing with glee. So much for 'shoe-biz'!

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