Wishing To Lose Weight In Winter
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According to the professional, the winter can be a great ally in weight loss. At that time, with warmer temperatures, the body needs more energy to maintain internal temperature, thus there is a higher consumption of food and calories. However, in the winter to maintain body temperature, the body spends about 10% more calories compared to expense during the warmer seasons, as the summer. image

For those wishing to lose weight, you should know that the result is more effective in winter, since it does not increase calorie intake while maintaining a balanced diet and healthy. Of

course it is not so simple. When the temperature drops, often increase the appetite, feel less like eating lighter foods like salads and fruits, and headed to the hot and calories. It is best always the balance, not deprivation of flavors that come with winter.

You are trying to lose weight and fail? See where it comes from the problem; check that you have the some basic rules to achieve the desired goal: lose weight!

Be aware that the ideal and eating a moderate physical exercise is a necessary attitude and awareness. You do not have the patience to go to the gym? Create your own gym at home! Do not invent, or find excuses for not doing so. Enjoy the summer for hiking, move!

Do not think or believe, like many people, the miracle diet pills and taking them just to lose weight without changing eating habits and lifestyle!

Before you begin the "process" of weight loss, check out who is mentally and physically prepared.

Assess whether physically not have a problem: Ideally, before losing weight, consult a specialist. In addition to the advice you will certainly a series of tests to demonstrate that it has no problem hindrance to start the process. If your body to function correctly, the answer in time (do not want to see results within a week) to a change in eating habits, not to mention the exercise. If by chance already started the process without consulting the doctor and do not see results it's time to do so. Evaluate the first problem!

How are your emotions: It must have some emotional stability so that everything runs smoothly. Grief, anxiety, even the stress of a day that went less well, can lead us to a binge eating. Since when we hear expressions such as "gain weight with nerves as only as"! It serves as an excuse to eat, whether to celebrate or drown your sorrows, the food is always there to serve as "support" in any emotion. Other diseases are present today and are harmful to depression and bipolar disorder, which have a strong impact on weight loss. All these problems can be treated with the help of the doctor.

Discipline yourself: Reorganize your life. Their routines will have to be changed. You must also include exercise in your life, change and retrain their eating habits. Not easy! Success will depend on your attitude towards these changes. To help you make a note not to forget everything and go slowly changing.

Help from family: Certainly does not want his family to change their eating habits because of you, but do not want to complicate life! Even for those lucky if they can eat everything, do not need to do it in front of you! It is important that the family is aware and help with your decision to lose weight in order to facilitate the process.

The consumption of soups is a great choice for dinner, because the body heat and are easy to digest: - Vegetables are also welcome, as they help in preventing colds and flu is common this time of year; - Replace other hot drinks in green tea, and warm and moisturize, tea has antioxidant properties; - Do not forget physical activity. With the cold, it is common to move the day with the body covered and so fail to notice the physical form, thus, the tendency is to reduce the pace of physical activities.

Fell into temptation, do not beat yourself up: Are part of the small slips and relapses? Do not think that is why we will not lose weight. If you happen to compensate for physical exercise and stay focused on the process and purpose, I will lose! Might!

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