WOMEN HAVE BEEN Victims Of Rape Since Centuries
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WOMEN HAVE BEEN victims of rape since centuries. They are portrayed as helpless weaklings who fall prey to some of the most heinous of crimes floating around the globe. Rape is not about the satisfaction of ones physical needs at the cost of another person’s vulnerability, but is a rather distorted result of losing self-control. What inspires this loss of control is an indescribable phenomenon. There is no particular reason for the springing up of a physical need so immense that it can lead to the destruction of one’s conscious behavior.

According to a study, serial rapists are the most average of people. It is a simple excuse that they do it out of sheer compulsion provoked by a sexual desire. If a person’s mind is not in sync with his physical being, rape is the last thing he will resort to. There might be a burning rage or a venomous vengeance curbed at the root of any such activity. But what’s startling about most of the rapists is that they follow a specific plan before committing any of these brutal crimes.

In an interview, some rapists agreed that they did it because they were instantly compelled to do it. They could not stop themselves from giving in to this act. The startling fact, according to them, was that it was the women who provoked them and it wasn’t entirely their fault. They said that they were misled into the crime. About 70 per cent of the men agreed that they often tracked a single woman as they were instantly attracted to her. They liked the way she dressed.

Women wearing skimpy clothes project an image of being easily available and men misinterpret all the skin-show as an invitation to bed. Such women are all around them – in their offices, in the malls, in the pubs and at shopping malls. Some rapists have the tendency to grab them at the first instance, be it at a party or in a parking lot. They even follow several techniques for this.

As per the statement of one such rapist — who admitted to have raped a colleague whom he thought would give in easily — said that from the moment she had stepped into his office, he had known that she was as horny as he liked them to be. She wore minimal clothing and flirted around with all the male members. It was at this office party that she got a bit too drunk and asked him to drop her home. Once she got into his car, he took her to his home instead of hers and that’s where things got out of hand. Now, would you call that a deliberate crime?

Another set of rapists informed that they did it just for fun. Raping women, made them feel powerful and capable. They were overwhelmed with a sense of immense authority after having committed the crime. One such rapist informed that he had lost his job, his wife was always complaining and he felt that he was good for nothing. Then, finally, he began to rape innocent girls, taking advantage of his good looks and was instantly filled with a sense of worthiness.

Then are the most intense of rapists who plan their act. They can be seen haunting parking lots and isolated streets. They often grab women, abduct them and rape them. Men belonging to this category are not only animalistic, but are also very dangerous. They may or may not kill their victims.

A more concrete type is that of date-rapists. They conveniently make friends with women – on the net, through pen pal or over the phone. They then schedule a meeting. When the women go to meet them, they are unaware of what is about to happen to them. After maybe, a formal dinner and a drink, they get into boiling hot water and there is no way out. Date-rape at times is the most confusing of all.

What men need to understand is that women are not mere puppets created for their entertainment. They need to be treated with respect. One thing that men should get straight is that NO means no!

Listed below are a few techniques that might help women in case of trouble:

Never wear revealing clothes in public. Know your limits and do not lead men on unnecessarily.

  • If you feel you are being followed, take a path that has a lot of people around. At least you can scream for help.
  • Never underestimate your stalker. If you have a doubt about someone – report it.
  • Go with your gut feeling.
  • Never trust strangers.
  • If going out on a blind date, tell a friend or someone else about the venue. Always carry your cell phone and, if possible, leave a number behind where you can be reached. Try giving your date’s number to someone. That ways he’ll know that he is known to other people in your social circle and the chances of a mishap will reduce.
  • Always take the elevator. Staircases and alleys are the most dangerous of places to hand around.
  • If someone tries to grab you, punch him with your elbow as hard as you can.
  • Yell, try to bite in between his elbow and arm or even better in between his upper thighs.
  • Keep a pepper spray in your purse – all the time.
  • Never accept a ride or eat something offered by a stranger.


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  • Guest 10 years ago
    This is a lie. Many women lie about being raped. They are too stupid to stand up and just be honest. Some women may be raped. But rape is not all about power and the other BS you hear. It is about sex. That fact is often missed by some dumb feminist who can't understand it is about the sex. Its forced sex but it is sex none the less. Sh*t happens get over it, and stop crying. People are dying all over the world and you cry because you made the mistake of getting drunk.